subversive shit I did last week (2/6)

Hell of a week, huh guys? I was trying to get this out on Sunday or Monday and I let it get away from me. It just wasn’t that fun to write. It’s discouraging when there’s a new disaster seemingly every few days and then get a dozen canned responses from your Republican Senator basically saying nah.


Who I supported

I kinda hit my limit on donations this month (see my other subversive posts) so I’m taking some time off from donating money and I’m trying to focus more on the other action areas. I’m still loosely following the weekly action checklist.

Who I contacted

  • My reps, to oppose Betsy DeVos (strike one), Jeff Sessions (strike two) and Neil Gorsuch (strike three). What a downer.
  • My reps, regarding Steve Bannon’s role on the National Security Council. I really don’t know if this will do any good but I couldn’t not do something
  • I wrote Mitch McConnell and I told him I was disappointed by his treatment of Elizabeth Warren and that it was not too late for him to start doing the right thing (and a whole bunch of other shit I know he won’t even read).
  • I also wrote Elizabeth Warren a long, weepy email and maybe told her I loved her.

What I did

  • I read The Lorax with my kids and we made post cards about climate change to send to the White House. I knoooooow DJT and the Republicans will not change their position on climate change just because they get a bunch of postcards from children, but I do think it’s a very good way to include my kids in subversive shit in a way that’s age-appropriate and fun. We talked about leaving things in good shape so that other people can use them too. And I try to talk about conservation and environmentalism in a way that doesn’t terrify them.
  • Across the country, there were rallies in support of Planned Parenthood and I’d planned to attend the one in Indy but honestly, it was a gorgeous day and my kids wanted to go to the park and I decided it was more important to go to the park.

I know I made the right call.

What I read

Self-care. A new section I’d like to include in my weekly posts (refer to the piece on wellness linked above!). As I’ve said before, I don’t want to let myself be consumed by all the bad news, so I’m including a few special things I did for me (and my family) each week.

  • I had coffee with some friends.
  • I went running. (I know I know, I always go running, but I went on a bonus run Sunday with a friend and it felt like a luxury so I’m calling it self-care.)
  • I went for a long walk with my family and we played in the sunshine.


Read all of my “subversive shit” posts.


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