Week of 2/6

Last week I needed a cutback. Poor Codie has had back-to-back ear infections and hasn’t been sleeping well and I was feeling a bit run-down myself. I skipped a lifting day (Wednesday) and skipped the running on my other two lifting days and the upshot was that I felt fresh all week and ran faster than I would have otherwise. It was a nice rest and now I’m ready to see if I can break 30 miles this week.

Monday: Weights
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:08.
Wednesday: 3.1 @ 8:27. Quickie run outside Wednesday evening but I’m rather proud of my splits: 9:06, 8:34, 7:48, and the last 0.1 in 7:31.
Thursday: 5.1 @ 8:40. Not to be all predictable but I am all about the progressions lately: 9:19, 8:51, 8:46, 8:33, 8:05, and the last .16 in 7:25.
Friday: Weights
Saturday: 7.9 @ 9:35. I was pleased to hold onto 9:30s in spite of feeling groggy because I stayed up late and drank beer Friday night.
Sunday: 3.2 @ 10:05. I usually don’t run Sundays but a friend invited me to come out with her running club. They meet Sundays at 11 at a brewery so we had an easy run and finished with a coffee stout.

Total: 25ish miles

A few other notes from the week…

My back is feeling better. I still notice it when I pick up a kid or put one down but running, lifting, walking, etc., hasn’t bothered it at all. Also– no treadmill runs! I did everything outside this week without any heel pain. It’s kind of weird and such a relief to feel good after a run instead of hurt.

Never signed up for that 5k. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me griping about an AG award $10 gift certificate I wasn’t able to use because I didn’t realize it expired way back in August, a month after I won it and during a time when there weren’t any races in my area. I messaged the race organizer on Facebook to ask if they might consider honoring the gift certificate, but they wouldn’t do it. I was feeling a little disgruntled and wasn’t ready to hand over any more money to them, so I looked up a different 5k but the cost was obnoxious– late registration was more than 40 bucks including processing fees. Some people might be willing to pay this much for a 5k BUT I AM NOT. So I messaged THEM and asked if they had any coupon codes. Someone replied and told me they didn’t, but that maybe I could show up and try to sweet-talk the race director for a couple bucks off. Ummm no thanks. So I may be waiting until March for another shot at a PR.



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