running week of 2/12

My goal was to break 30 miles last week and I did it! Not to jinx myself but lately running has felt fantastic. I feel strong. My knees don’t ache in the evenings anymore. My heels haven’t been bothering me. Running is fun, you guys.


Monday: weights
Tuesday: 4 @ 8:36. An evening run, which I hate. I had planned to do five or six miles but ended up doing a shorter, faster run. Last two miles 8:19, 8:15!
Wednesday: AM weights + PM 5 @ 8:40. I’ve found (predictably) that if I try to run right after lifting, I can’t do more than two miles, maybe three so I held off on the run until the evening. It was kind of crappy and windy but after warming up I felt good and ran 8:30s and a fast last mile at 8:17.
Thursday: 6 @ 9:06. Squeezed in a lunchtime run after taking my kids to the children’s museum in the morning.
Friday: AM weights + PM 5 @ 9:11. The run almost didn’t happen. I slept like total shit Thursday night and felt like garbage all day. When my husband got home he was like, “you should go lay down.” And because I’m so smart, I was like, “I think I’ll go running.” Oddly, I did feel better after running and slept really well Friday night.
Saturday: 10 @ 9:26! My legs felt tired, but not as tired as I thought they would. It makes me feel like if this had been a race after a proper taper, I could have run sub-9s.
Sunday: REST

Total: 30ish! 

I know a bunch of people run like 40 and 50 and 80 miles a week but I feel pretty badass about my 30. I’m going to see if I can do it again this week.


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