subversive shit I did last week (2/26)

Yeah, so I feel like crap today and like half a dozen of my Facebook friends have shared that Facebook post with a laundry list of horrible proposed legislation and every time I see it, I feel overwhelmed and anxious. But I’m continuing to do a few little things each week and trying not to let the inhumanity of this administration crush me.

Who I supported. I haven’t made any donations since my last post, but I’m trying whenever I can to support local small businesses, especially those that align with my values, like Black Acre Brewing. Not like I need an excuse to drink good beer.

Who I contacted

  • I called my reps and asked them to save the Affordable Care Act by opposing any attempts to block Medicaid expansion. It would be extremely costly, not to mention the potential for dropping many vulnerable people from the program. (I did this before the GOP replacement bill was announced which maintains Medicaid expansion for now.)
  • I called my reps to oppose Indiana SB 423, which would allow the state to withhold funding from colleges and universities that established ‘sanctuary’ protections for undocumented immigrants. Public colleges and universities have the responsibility to protect the privacy of their students and ensure their well-being.
  • I called my local sheriff’s office and asked them to oppose DJT’s anti-immigration policies. Mass deportations are stripping people of due process and privacy protections and tearing families apart. Last week an undocumented woman from El Salvador who was seeking treatment for a brain tumor was removed from a hospital and placed in federal detention. If you’re okay with this, you’re pretty much a monster.
  • I called my reps to oppose HB 610, the Choices in Education Act of 2017. I had trouble finding details about this one that weren’t just Facebook copypasta, but when I read the complete bill I found that it does indeed repeal the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (reauthorized as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and again as the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015) which aims to provide each child with fair and equal opportunities to achieve an exceptional education; it allows for the distribution of block grants for schools (read: school vouchers) without establishing any criteria for homeschooling, any standards for schools or any guidelines for measuring progress; and it abolishes the rule in the National School Lunch Program that calls for alignment with the Dietary Guidelines for America. 

What I read

What I did

Well, nothing, and all this rep-calling and bill-reading has left me feeling angry and tired. (Also I’m sick and the kids are sick and I feel like I’m down to my very last fuck.) My goal for the next few weeks is to find some local meetings to attend and some good subversive books to read. (Suggestions appreciated!)

A couple of positives

Read all of my subversive shit posts.


13 thoughts on “subversive shit I did last week (2/26)

  1. Fellow former reporter here checking in. My current job is much more boring and makes a lot more money, but I still miss the hell out of working election night.

  2. I’ve been feeling the same way…very down and discouraged and like no matter what we do it doesn’t matter. I guess that’s because from what I see, the DT supporters really don’t seem bothered by any of the shitty stuff that’s happening.

    Glad to hear Indy schools are standing up for trans kids. 😦 That is a good positive.

    • Yeah I mean if we show up to demonstrations or town hall meetings, it’s becsuse we’re paid protesters. If we call reps it’s because we’re trying to tie up the phone lines. They are doing everything they can to invalidate our concerns and it’s so maddening.

      • Well yesterday a friend of a friend on fb posted THE most condescending thing about women striking. They are both very right wing, so obviously they don’t care about issues. Her comment was talking about how none of her rights have been taken away since November….

      • UUUGH I’ve seen a few of those comments too. Someone said women who marched were just misinformed and looking for an excuse to get out of the house on a Saturday. Makes me so angry and sad.

  3. Thank you so much for these posts. I really sympathize with having to figure out how to divide my time between fighting issues at the federal vs. state level. For example, I called my two senators last week to say my piece on Jeff Sessions and then turned on the news to see that SB6 (the Texas equivalent of North Carolina’s bathroom bill…because that worked out so well…) was gaining momentum in the state senate. It’s interesting being a progressive in a very red state. On the one hand, I am glad that I live in a place where my vote and voice are really needed to help change things. On the other hand, it feels like an uphill battle most of the time.

    • Yup, we have a single (D) senator and all the rest of my elected reps are Republicans so I’ve been getting a lot of canned response letters that are basically like “thanks for your concern but nah.” Definitely an uphill battle.

      • Ugh, those canned responses are the worst. I got one about a “commitment to protecting women” from a rep (can’t remember which one) who is super anti-Planned Parenthood, pro-bathroom bill, etc.

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