Running week of 3/13

Last week was a “rebuilding” week after taking eight days off due to illness. I felt a little rusty and only ran ~22 miles but I’m pretty much back to my 100% this week (emphasis on my).

Monday: weights + treadmill 2 @ 8:54. Groggy AF.
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:09. I ran watchless (but tracked on runkeeper) as a sort of fitness test and was pleased to find I could still run.
Wednesday: AM weights + PM 4.8 @ 8:42. I ran down to our local Runner’s Forum from my house for a group run/homebrew tutorial/Brooks shoe demo. I ran in the Brooks Launch and they were okay but Definitely Not Kinvaras. I had an Irish stout, a green cupcake and a slice of pizza. I also got a fun copper mug from Brooks and a Great Fermentations pint glass I won in a raffle! Aaaand then I had to run home carrying them in my hands like some kind of super ambitious lush. (8:56 average :P)
Thursday: Unplanned rest day. I hosted a playdate at my house that involved nine toddlers and a lot of buttercream frosting and I never got around to running.
Friday: weights + 3 @ 9:05.
Saturday: 5.8 @ 8:47. I wanted to run longer Saturday but I ran out of time before the kids’ swim lessons so I just ran faster. Really proud of these splits: 9:23, 9:04, 8:51, 8:44, 8:30, 8:01.
Sunday: REST

I kinda feel like I should apologize/acknowledge that my running log of pitiful ~6 milers is the boringest ass blog ever but I’m not smart enough to offer any technical insight and I’m having trouble coming up with anything even remotely funny or profound so what I end up doing is just logging miles. I did however, do 6x400s today and I am also culling together a race schedule for the rest of the year that includes a few goal races and a few fun runs:

  • 10 miler: April 8 (Just because it’s cheap and I want to do a race.)*
  • Pride 5k: May 20*
  • Noblesville 10k: May 27 (I haven’t done a 10k since 2013 and I have almost no chance for a PR but I want to see if I can come close.)
  • Monumental Mile: June 1 (This is a big maybe. I don’t want to spent 20+ bucks to crappily race a mile a few days after racing a 10k.)
  • Zionsville Half: June 11 (Only 40 bucks!)
  • Hops ‘n’ Flip Flops 5k: August 19 (Mostly a beer thing.)
  • Indy Half: Oct 7 (In which I will try not to race.)*
  • Monumental Half: Nov 4 (GOAL RACE)*

*I’ve actually registered for these. 😛

So for those who like to read race reports from average runners, your content is forthcoming.


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