new shoes + a cautionary tale

Those of you who are loyal to Saucony Kinvaras probably know the Kinvara 8 was released in March, which means the 7s have been moved to clearance on various websites. I don’t ever buy my running shoes at full price (#POOR), which means I wait all year for the new models so I can buy the old ones at a discount. I dream of someday buying the shiny new model as soon as it’s released.

I narrowly missed snagging the 7s for SIXTY BUCKS in a sneaky one-day sale at Running Warehouse because I left them in my shopping cart overnight and the sale ended. I decided to shop around a little more in the hopes that I’d stumble onto something incredible. Then, a couple Saturday nights ago while drinking beer in front of the TV and trawling Amazon, I found an offer for NEW Kinvara 7s from a third party seller for an unbelievably low price. Like, astonishingly low. I am embarrassed to tell you how low. You know where this is going.

The price set off warning bells in my head. Additionally, the third party seller was a “just launched” and had no sales or ratings. I KNOWWWW. I started reading the Amazon forums and a few people said they’d found great deals from third party sellers because there’s no other way a new seller can compete with an established storefront unless they are backed by some positive reviews. But I also read a post from someone who said they emailed a “just launched” seller and the email bounced. They advised messaging the seller first to ensure the email address was legit.

THEEEEEN I read that Amazon’s A-to-Z guarantee covers third party sellers so I figured I had nothing to lose. I emailed the seller and the message was delivered so I decided to just go for it. But my card was charged immediately, which made me uneasy.


Then the tracking number they gave me turned out to be bogus and the seller bounced. Because of course they did.

But when I reported it to Amazon, they instantly refunded my order, including the shipping cost. I know it was ridiculous to give this criminal my money, and I feel guilty that I probably contributed to like, scam artists and child labor and all kinds of criminal activity. I’ll never do it again!

You probably already knew this, but the moral of the story is never buy from a new seller on Amazon! Go with the established folks. I ended up buying the shoes at Running Warehouse for around $66 bucks with a coupon code I found at retailmenot.  (The believe10 code was the one that worked for me!)

So, TLDR, I bought some new running shoes.

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