running week of 3/27


Last week I took a few days off due to traveling but I stayed reasonably sober and ate pretty well so I didn’t feel disgusting and bloated when we got home and still managed a decent run on Sunday.

Monday: weights + 3.5 @ 8:55. I did kind of a dodgy treadmill speed workout: 400 (1:52), 800 (3:50), 800 (3:50), 400 (1:51). But it damn near killed me.
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:06. Another mostly successful progression run. I started at 9:30s and ended at 8:30s. Probably overkill a day after that treadmill run. Yeah, it took me two weeks, but it finally occurred to me that if I’m going to do a speed day on Monday, I probably need to move my tempos/progs to Thursday.
Wednesday: weights + 3.4 @ 9:23. Definitely overkill. This one felt painfully slow, but we left town Thursday and I knew I wouldn’t be running until we got back so I threw in a short one on leg day for good measure.
Thursday: nada
Friday: nada
Saturday: almost, but nada
Sunday:  6 @ 8:57. Sunday I wanted to make up for lost time and get in some confidence-boosting race pace miles (10 miler Saturday!) I warmed up, ran 4 miles at 8:42, 8:39, 8:36, 8:36 (a la my faithful Forerunner 110), and then a cool-down mile.

Total: 19ish

My 10 mile PR (my only 10 mile race) is 1:29:17 (8:55ish pace) so unless things go horribly awry, a PR is definitely possible.

But…my left knee started bothering me after our City Museum excursion. I didn’t notice it at all on Sunday but I’ve noticed it all day today. I’m going to do what I normally do and ignore it until either A) it’s unbearable or B) it goes away.

Anyway, that’s my plan: ignore my knees and run a 3-minute PR.


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