March recap

Oh my gosh you guys, my life is so crazy! I was so busy being popular and doing important things that I forgot to write up my running recap for the month of March! (Ha…no, I swear I didn’t mean that. Please keep reading.)

I found this by Googling “stupid sad white girl gif”

Total miles: 81 (I took about a week off when I was sick.)

Days running: 17 – only four fewer days than last month actually, but 30 fewer fewer miles. The fuck?

Longest run: 12 miles, in crappy weather.

Runs on the treadmill: Four. I like the treadmill for speed drills or days when I’m too lazy or the weather is too crappy to run outside. I don’t prefer the treadmill obviously, but I feel pretty lucky to have it as an option. I run about 15-20 seconds faster on the treadmill so I do think I still get a quality run out of it.

Races: I actually did one! Poorly, but still.

Group runs: One – a local running store held a St. Pat’s group run with pizza and beer. I got to run home with a mug and a pint glass.

Best run: Waaay back on March 2, I ran a 6-mile progression that was totally dreamy.

Worst run: Every run since. (JK) Probably the 8.7 I ran March 25 because I was too tired from the week to run as far or as fast as I wanted.


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