another gripping training report (week of 4/10)

It was a pretty uninspiring running week for me but I guess any week without injury or illness is something to be thankful for.

Monday: weights + 3.1 @ 9:36.
Tuesday: Off because Kenzie was up half the night with a scary high fever. I could have gone in the evening but by then I really wasn’t in the mood.
Wednesday: Usually a lifting day but after taking Tuesday off I needed to run and I did OMG SPEED* DRILLS. I ran 1×2 (8:53, 8:49), 1×1 (8:34), 1×800 (4:05) 1×400 (1:43) and 1×200 (1:01). Alas, Garmin screwed me on my pace in the last interval because I went through some trees and lost my signal– before the trees, my pace was reading 6:30s. Total of 7 miles (half or quarter mile recovery jogs).

Tangent: We got some nice goody bags from Clif after the 10 miler, and one of the goodies was banana cinnamon oatmeal “energy food” pouch (far right).

This far exceeds probably any other race swag I’ve ever received.

It looks like the baby food pouches I used to feed my kids, but they’re made for grownups. Once you get over the idea of sucking oatmeal-banana puree out of a pouch, it’s not that bad. However, I failed to read the disclaimer, “FOR BEST RESULTS: consume pouch 2-3 hours before activity” and I ate mine in the car on the way there. So I had banana-flavored burps for like the first half of my run.

Thursday: AM: Zoo with my kids + PM weights + 3 @ 9:21. Oof. This was a tough one. I am so not a fan of afternoon workouts. I did manage to finally hit a 9:00 mile for the last one, but the effort felt like 8:00.

Friday: Nada. I was gonna lift or something but I ended up doing nothing.
Saturday: 11 @ 9:39. I got out about two hours later than planned, mainly because laziness, so the last hour of my run was kind of miserable. I actually really like doing long runs but I don’t feel like they’re doing much for my overall fitness lately. I just sort of slog through them and then congratulate myself on merely finishing. I used to throw some pace miles into the middle of my long runs to add value, so I may start doing that again. (Although I guess technically I’m now training for a 5k? So…?)
Sunday: REST

Total: 24ish

I always have this period of sulky reflection time after a bad race where I try figure out what went wrong and how to improve my routine**. My speed work is infrequent. I always aim to hit 30 miles a week and I never do it. And now I’m starting to wonder if I’m just getting old.

I actually really admire people who can just love running and not get weirdly competitive with random people who come up behind them during their long runs (why mile 5 was 30 seconds faster than any other mile on Saturday) or get all down on themselves when they have a bad race or like…a year-long plateau.

I feel like I’ve been working harder and not seeing any results. All of last year’s half marathon times were within a few seconds of each other, and none of them a PR. My 5ks were also dismal. The only thing I am really proud of is that I’ve been consistently lifting three days a week*** (more on that in another post) and I am stronger, but it hasn’t made a difference in my running AT ALL and that’s the ONLY REASON I’M DOING IT. I don’t want a bikini body damn it, I want a PR. And maybe the Monday (Marathon Monday, no less) after a lackluster training week is the wrong time to be complaining about a lack of progress, but…there it is.

*I use the word loosely
**I don’t have much of a routine
***Well, except last week

photo swiped from A Mighty Girl


4 thoughts on “another gripping training report (week of 4/10)

    • Right?? I have a few mom friends who still run every day and enter races evening though they’re not really trying to hit a certain benchmark. I don’t enter a race unless I’m actually going to race it because money for one thing, but I also just really have trouble not racing when there are other people around. Like on Saturday I COULD NOT DEAL with this random woman being 10 or 15 paces back and closing in on me so I had to haul ass to put a larger gap between us. 😉

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