subversive shit I did last week (4/10-5/1)

I made a new friend last week. If you can believe this, I was at a meeting for my volunteer gig FIDO and the gal sitting next to me asked if I by any chance wrote a blog about subversive shit. I was so excited and embarrassed! I’ve never actually met anyone who recognized me from the blog, and it was a double-reward that she’s a fellow subversive. We didn’t have a lot of time to shoot the shit, but we talked briefly about local activism and how it felt good to know we weren’t alone. So anyway I just wanted to say hey to Tricia! Hope I wasn’t too weird!

I missed a few issues of the weekly action checklist, but I started following it again and I’ve found it helps me stay focused and it also gives me ideas for issues I want to look into locally. Like, how many people have been wrongfully convicted in Indiana? What are we doing to fight against mass incarceration? Which companies use prison labor to make their products? (Hint: more than you might think.)

I did want to mention one thing I read on the checklist this week. It says:

What to do if your MoCs are blue.

Call them. Praise them. Give them stories they can use to support great legislation. Calling MoCs who agree with you tells them you’re paying attention. It also keeps their lines from being full of opposing views. Don’t assume. Do call.

I would add to that: don’t assume just because your MoCs are Democrats that they’re supporting great legislation. Don’t praise them simply for being “blue.”

Example: Several weeks ago I wrote my Democratic senator to oppose the Choices in Education Act. The response I got (which took almost two months) included a vague summary of the bill and empty, noncommittal statements of solidarity without actually taking a firm stance against (or even for) it. I’ve gotten several other soft responses from alleged “ally” reps and it doesn’t make me confident that they agree with me. A democrat-in-name-only who assumes my support and panders to the middle/right does not earn my praise.

Anyway, here’s what I did last week:

Who I supported

  • For her birthday, my friend hosted a Facebook fundraiser for the Autism Women’s Network and I made a (very) small donation. I didn’t know you could fund-raise for a nonprofit on Facebook so now I want to do one for my birthday too.

Who I contacted

  • I contacted Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, urging him not to sign a really shitty piece of legislation requiring under-age women to have parental consent before having an abortion and a bunch of other shitty TRAP law shit. Stuff that would be really great for kids whose parents abuse or rape them or are just otherwise shitty! Of course I received no reply and he signed the shitty legislation.

What I did

  • Does this count? I bought a shirt. I’ve been looking for this precise wording on a shirt for ages and finally found it on Redbubble. The profits don’t go to any specific cause, but according to Redbubble, their products are ethically sourced and made in the USA (and not by prison labor). And I like to have a good subversive top to wear to the gym and play dates. 😛
  • We planned on attending Science March/Earth Day festivities downtown but Codie was coughing and the weather was kinda dismal so we ended up staying home. (However we spent the whole day this past Sunday out in the rain getting our boots muddy, buying plants and getting them in the ground so I think we made up for it.) Also, the plants came from Indy Urban Acres, a nonprofit farm run by the Indy Parks Foundation that helps feed hungry people who might not otherwise have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

What I read

Some good things

Read all my “subversive shit” posts


9 thoughts on “subversive shit I did last week (4/10-5/1)

  1. Cool! I don’t think anyone has ever recognized me from my blog. Maybe they did at a distance. There are several NY bloggers and I occasionally see them around, but I never say anything to them.

    Great job with the resistance.

  2. Thank you Elle! Yeah, there’s probably a greater concentration of run bloggers where you live! My fear is that someone will recognize me, but hate me, lol.

  3. Hey Marie-
    Want you to know I really look forward to your “subversive shit” updates. Very inspiring. Keep ’em coming!
    I also enjoy your running updates – not for the running per se (walker here), but your writing is full of a style of humour that I deeply appreciate. Thanks much for all your efforts!

    • Hey Ramona! Thank you for your comment! I feel like it hasn’t amounted to much but it keeps me from feeling completely useless. 😉

  4. Great to finally meet you! When I described our meeting to my husband, he thought I sounded like a stalker. I hope I wasn’t too awkward!

    • Haha no you weren’t! My husband thinks I’m weird for blogging. Whenever I make friends from the internet he says they’re going to be serial killers BUT NONE OF THEM HAVE YET. 😀

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