May recap and running week of 5/22

Well, it was shaping up to be a nice little month until I got sick and everything fell apart! I haven’t run a single mile since May 27 and I still have an infuriatingly stubborn cough. I actually had an ear infection, can you believe that shit? I don’t know any adult who has ever had an ear infection. On top of that, both of my kids have strep so we haven’t gotten a lot of sleep lately.

But we’re all finally feeling better and my first run back is going to be a group run tomorrow with my kids for this summer fun run series hosted by our local county parks department. I’m going to try not to race it, haha.

May miles

Total miles: 82– 25 less than last month.

Days running: 19 – same as last month (I quit doing long runs)

Longest run: 7 miles on 5/6. A perfect progression and probably may favorite run of the month.

Runs on the treadmill: Three, some tempos and hill workouts.

Races: Rainbow Run 5k – 24:47 and a PR.

Group runs: Two, one with a new local mom’s running group and the other at our local running store hosted by Saucony – I got to try out the new Freedoms, which I loved but are p r i c e y.

Best run: What I wrote in this spot last month: “I was exuberant after my 7 mile run Saturday. I felt strong and finished fast” which was actually a run that happened in April, not May, and nobody called me on it which proves nobody is reading these things all that closely.

Worst run: The 6.6 miles I did on 5/14 was lackluster af. Hot and slow.

Running week of 5/22

I had a pretty good week before I got sick!

Monday: Weights + 2 @ 9:39
Tuesday: 7 @ 9:33
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: AM treadmill progression 4 @ 9:07 + PM group run 5 @ 10:47. I ran the miles to and from the run fast and did a leisurely run with the group.
Friday: 2 mile fun run with Kenzie while she rode her bike which means a few sprints and lots of stops to examine things along the way.
Saturday: 6 @ 9:14. My signature progression. I felt more tired than normal and looking back, it was probably due to pre-sickness fatigue. By Sunday I was coughing and by Monday I was resigned to the knowledge that it wasn’t just summer allergies.
Sunday: OFF

Total: 22ish


2 thoughts on “May recap and running week of 5/22

  1. It’s been a brutal year. I thought it was just us because our little guy started daycare in September and I figured we were getting the plague 1000% worse than everyone else but…other people have been hit hard. Oh and I had strep this year too! FUN TIMES. 😦

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