subversive shit I did last week (Mother’s Day edition)

I meant to actually publish this on mother’s day but let’s call this mother’s week. Who I supported Mama’s Bail Out Day. Black Lives Matter activists raised $250,000 and were able to pay the bonds of 30 moms who were sitting in … Continue reading

subversive shit I did last week (3/5)

Hi again. It was another week of mostly goddamnitwhatthefuck, but I’m plugging away. I read some good stuff on International Women’s Day and planned to write a whole blog post about it but since I suck at blogging, I never got around to it. … Continue reading

subversive shit I did last week (2/12-2/24)

I may space these posts out a bit more, for my own well-being. They require a lot more thought –and thoughtfulness– than my weekly running posts and there’s just no way I’m gonna be able to keep up consistent blog … Continue reading

subversive shit I did last week (2/6)

Hell of a week, huh guys? I was trying to get this out on Sunday or Monday and I let it get away from me. It just wasn’t that fun to write. It’s discouraging when there’s a new disaster seemingly every few … Continue reading

subversive shit I did last week

Early this morning I read that very disturbing New York Times piece that said, among other things, that DJT didn’t know he was putting Bannon on the National Security Council. HE SIGNED AN EXECUTIVE ORDER AND HE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT IT SAID. … Continue reading

Subversive shit I did last week

So I thought in addition to my not-ever-weekly running progress reports, it’d also be nice to start blogging about the actions I’ve been taking to try to save us from the trumpocracy. Like a lot of you, I’ve been really angry/sad/disturbed/nauseated … Continue reading