About Me

Oh, hi. I’m Marie. I’m a functioning alcoholic and a heel-striker. Thanks for stopping by my depraved, little corner of the interwebz.

I currently type on keyboards in Indianapolis, where power brokers and corn farmers live together in harmony. I like it just fine, but I wasn’t born here and if you call me a Hoosier I will eat your face.

I’m a mom, a runner, a writer, an instigator and a pleasantly furious leftist with just a few more things to say before my untimely collision with a Mack truck.

I talk a big game, but I have absolutely no certification, accreditation or qualification for anything I talk about in this blog. Just read it and don’t ask questions.

Sometimes I will post pictures of particularly disgusting or delightful foods I eat. But this is meant to be a humor blog and not one of those “healthy living” blogs, so I don’t feel obligated to justify any of my choices to you.

I like to read a lot and do other things too, but since I decided to make this a running and beer blog, you probably won’t hear too much about it.

One more thing: I only take horrible race photos. You won’t find any smiling, breezy, flawless, effortless, sweatless, jumping up and down arms raised in victory photos on this blog.

I promise.

I promise.


44 thoughts on “About Me

    • thank you so much! We have family up there so we make the Indy-Chicago drive several times a year. I love Binny’s! πŸ™‚ Looks like you have just joined the bloggy world – welcome!

    • Absolutely! It helps me hold myself accountable. I can’t tell you guys, “oh, I’m going to run 10 miles today,” and then not do it! hahaha. Love the name of your blog. I will definitely check it out!

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  2. Hi,

    I’m writing an article for Canadian Running magazine about runners and blogs and I’d like to ask you some questions about it. Can you please send me an email?


  3. Hi I’m new and love your blog so far. So many words taken right out of my mouth (errrrr, mind, because I’m too chicken to say/write them), like “walking doesn’t count” “RUNNING, not yoga, will make you a better runner.” ❀ ❀ ❀

  4. i am incredibly glad you requested to follow me because you are hilarious and, unlike so many bloggers, an actual human being who does normal things. thank you! the end.

  5. Hi! I love your blog. I am not anywhere near an avid runner, but just started to get back into a fitness plan that involves some treadmill action. You’re blog is inspiring and hilarious. I am also a new mom and loved your rant on breastfeeding on a plane, you deserve a medal… and some singles.

  6. Just found your blog, as I work for Hendricks Regional Health and am researching linkbacks…you must have mentioned us in a blog. I’m so glad I found your site – you are hilarious!!!

    I am not a runner, but I play one on TV. I signed up for two minis this year and bailed on both of them, but I did run two last year. Does that count? What if I promise to get back on the wagon and sign up for the Mini?

    • hey, a local! Good to hear from you. I have bailed on races too, no big deal! the mini has a great training program that helped keep me from bailing in the past, but I do love the smaller races too, shorter lines at the porta-potty! πŸ™‚

  7. Thank YOU. this is fabulous, dahhhhhling! I need to read MORE of this and way less of those pretending they love running every day, do crossfit, post thier redic WODs, eat only green shakes and super health food and PR every effing race, or whine about not having a BQ. I have sent your link to a few of my awesome friends and you will now have an plethora of Canadian readers (unless my so called pals ignore the text and emails, which they frequently do)

  8. I just found your blog, through Janeetha’s blog and I live in indianapolis (and am NOT a Hoosier either). I work at Brugge and am a big beer fan myself. (I also am a fitness instructor). Small world πŸ™‚

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