running week of 2/20

I’m pleased with last week’s running. I (barely) pulled another 30 mile week and still managed to show up for all my lifting days too. 2013 was the last time I was regularly running 30+ miles a week. I got into the 40s and even hit 50 once or twice, but I wasn’t doing enough strength training and I think I narrowly avoided a stress fracture. I’m going to try to not do that again.

Monday: weights
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:09. I was really, really tired so 9:09 looks pretty damn good to me.
Wednesday: AM weights + PM 5 @ 8:26. Numbers I haven’t seen in a long time– every mile was under 9:00!
Thursday: Impulsively, I decided to see how fast I could run a mile (spoiler alert: 7:36), even though I was still a little tight from running (probably too fast) Wednesday evening. So I did a mile warm-up, ran one mile quick…ish, and then ran three more rather slow and painful miles for a total of 5 @ 9:32. I think if properly trained and motivated, maybe I could do it in under 7:00. At one time, I could so I think it’s possible to do it again.
Friday: weights + 3 @ 9:33.
Saturday: 11 @ 9:23. This one was brutal you guys. It was 25 degrees with 25 mph gusts and flurries and it seemed like there was snow blowing in my eyes no matter which direction I turned. I knew the weather was going to be crappy and I’d planned to run on the treadmill, but at the last minute I ran back in and changed into my cold weather gear. (And even more miraculously, all my cold weather gear was clean and in the first place I looked.) It was miserable outside, but I still think double digits on the treadmill would have been worse.
Sunday: REST

Total: 30

I’ve never run more than 12 miles outside of marathon training so I thought it’d be fun to do 13 or 14 miles for no reason. Silly I know, but since I’m not training for anything right now, I’m all about the arbitrary goals. (I would still like to do a 5k eventually, maybe in March if the prices aren’t obnoxious.)

subversive shit I did last week (2/12-2/24)

I may space these posts out a bit more, for my own well-being. They require a lot more thought –and thoughtfulness– than my weekly running posts and there’s just no way I’m gonna be able to keep up consistent blog posting for any meaningful period of time. I’ll try for every 1.5 to two weeks and see how that goes.

Who I supported

  • I made a small donation to #IllGoWithYou, a movement offering allyship and assistance to people who are transgender or gender-nonconforming. The IGWY button is intended to advertise allyship in public places. When asked, allies go into bathrooms and other spaces with people who may be afraid or concerned about their safety– and not just transgender individuals, but also a variety of people whose presentation of their gender may not fit the narrow archetypes of binary gender. You can order buttons for yourself, or you can make a donation for buttons to be passed along to an organization at no cost to them. I have a button on my bag and a couple extras so I can offer them to people who ask. Also, my friend is the button-maker. 🙂
  • My local breweries.

Who I contacted

  • I called my reps again to oppose Pruitt for the EPA and we all know how that turned out. This one hurts. When I think about the world my kids are going to inherit, I want to cry.
  • I learned from Teen Vogue that the White House has a comment line again! So I called it and used the script provided in the weekly action checklist to ask for an environmental study on the impact of the DAPL pipeline under Lake Oahe. Our latest atrocity against native people ended with the water protectors setting fire to the Oceti Sakowin camp. I think it’s sort of fitting and poetic that they set it aflame to avoid watching it be destroyed.
  • I also signed the White House petition demanding DJT release his tax returns. (Not that I think it’ll do any good.)
  • I made repeated calls and emails to the DOJ, DOE and the White House and asked them to continue to enforce Title IX protections for transgender students, again to no avail. This is another really fucked up loss, you guys. It’s a really shitty, spiteful move that will allow states and schools to decide whether or not they want to enforce (or ignore) measures designed to protect vulnerable students. Trans kids will be harmed because of this and it makes me unspeakably sad and angry.

What I read

  • When Things Go Missing. Mostly unrelated to the Resistance, but it’s a really breathtaking piece about grief and loss.
  • If your anti-Trump movement is not anti-colonial, you’re wasting your time and ours. “Many of you take issue with Trump, but are absolutely fine with the white supremacist settler colonial system that you and your ancestors have profited from for centuries. You have no real qualms about racism or misogyny, you just don’t want to be reminded of your investments by a loud and overt bastard. Your rallying cry is “make America subtly racist again”. You would give anything in the world to trade Trump for Hillary Clinton or Obama. When the Obama administration’s drone strikes and bombings have caused the very war-torn conditions that refugees are fleeing from. You couple discontent with the Trump administration with a strange nationalist pride. You hold signs that say “this is not us” or “we are better than this”. But Trump is as American as it gets and everyone knows it.”
  • Justin Trudeau is not your friend.
  • The leakers who exposed Gen. Flynn’s lie committed serious–and wholly justified– felonies. “It’s hard to put into words how strange it is to watch the very same people — from both parties, across the ideological spectrum — who called for the heads of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Tom Drake, and so many other Obama-era leakers today heap praise on those who leaked the highly sensitive, classified SIGINT information that brought down Gen. Flynn.”
  • What we’ll tolerate, and what we won’t. Don’t get me wrong, Milo Y is a human shit stain, and an opportunistic one at that. But it’s interesting and revealing how the right turned on him after probably the only authentic and insightful thing he’s ever said (that queer relationships often involve age and power disparities). I’d be tickled at the idea of Milo experiencing even a fraction of the abuse he’s dealt out to others over the years, except that it came at too high a cost. The right used him to reinforce their position that gay men are perverts, which will only serve to further marginalize and abuse LGBTQ people.
  • And a fun one: I couldn’t stop drunk dialing my senator
  • And I watched The Talk: Race In America on PBS. I want to try as much as I can to help amplify the voices of the families who have experienced tragedy at the hands of those sworn to protect them.

What I did

Well, I was really excited about going to an angry town hall meeting, but I…totally forgot to go. It was yesterday evening at 6, and I thought about it as recently as yesterday afternoon but it wasn’t until after dinner when we were putting the kids in the bath that it occurred to me I’d forgotten to go. Ah, well. It was rumored that our district’s rep had not even responded to the invite so it might have just been a bunch of angry people (or worse, rabid trump supporters) showing up to yell at each other.


This week I finally remembered I should also be keeping track of the good things and the small victories instead of just the colossally depressing things and the crushing defeats. Here are some of them.


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running week of 2/12

My goal was to break 30 miles last week and I did it! Not to jinx myself but lately running has felt fantastic. I feel strong. My knees don’t ache in the evenings anymore. My heels haven’t been bothering me. Running is fun, you guys.


Monday: weights
Tuesday: 4 @ 8:36. An evening run, which I hate. I had planned to do five or six miles but ended up doing a shorter, faster run. Last two miles 8:19, 8:15!
Wednesday: AM weights + PM 5 @ 8:40. I’ve found (predictably) that if I try to run right after lifting, I can’t do more than two miles, maybe three so I held off on the run until the evening. It was kind of crappy and windy but after warming up I felt good and ran 8:30s and a fast last mile at 8:17.
Thursday: 6 @ 9:06. Squeezed in a lunchtime run after taking my kids to the children’s museum in the morning.
Friday: AM weights + PM 5 @ 9:11. The run almost didn’t happen. I slept like total shit Thursday night and felt like garbage all day. When my husband got home he was like, “you should go lay down.” And because I’m so smart, I was like, “I think I’ll go running.” Oddly, I did feel better after running and slept really well Friday night.
Saturday: 10 @ 9:26! My legs felt tired, but not as tired as I thought they would. It makes me feel like if this had been a race after a proper taper, I could have run sub-9s.
Sunday: REST

Total: 30ish! 

I know a bunch of people run like 40 and 50 and 80 miles a week but I feel pretty badass about my 30. I’m going to see if I can do it again this week.

subversive shit I did last week (2/6)

Hell of a week, huh guys? I was trying to get this out on Sunday or Monday and I let it get away from me. It just wasn’t that fun to write. It’s discouraging when there’s a new disaster seemingly every few days and then get a dozen canned responses from your Republican Senator basically saying nah.


Who I supported

I kinda hit my limit on donations this month (see my other subversive posts) so I’m taking some time off from donating money and I’m trying to focus more on the other action areas. I’m still loosely following the weekly action checklist.

Who I contacted

  • My reps, to oppose Betsy DeVos (strike one), Jeff Sessions (strike two) and Neil Gorsuch (strike three). What a downer.
  • My reps, regarding Steve Bannon’s role on the National Security Council. I really don’t know if this will do any good but I couldn’t not do something
  • I wrote Mitch McConnell and I told him I was disappointed by his treatment of Elizabeth Warren and that it was not too late for him to start doing the right thing (and a whole bunch of other shit I know he won’t even read).
  • I also wrote Elizabeth Warren a long, weepy email and maybe told her I loved her.

What I did

  • I read The Lorax with my kids and we made post cards about climate change to send to the White House. I knoooooow DJT and the Republicans will not change their position on climate change just because they get a bunch of postcards from children, but I do think it’s a very good way to include my kids in subversive shit in a way that’s age-appropriate and fun. We talked about leaving things in good shape so that other people can use them too. And I try to talk about conservation and environmentalism in a way that doesn’t terrify them.
  • Across the country, there were rallies in support of Planned Parenthood and I’d planned to attend the one in Indy but honestly, it was a gorgeous day and my kids wanted to go to the park and I decided it was more important to go to the park.

I know I made the right call.

What I read

Self-care. A new section I’d like to include in my weekly posts (refer to the piece on wellness linked above!). As I’ve said before, I don’t want to let myself be consumed by all the bad news, so I’m including a few special things I did for me (and my family) each week.

  • I had coffee with some friends.
  • I went running. (I know I know, I always go running, but I went on a bonus run Sunday with a friend and it felt like a luxury so I’m calling it self-care.)
  • I went for a long walk with my family and we played in the sunshine.


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Week of 2/6

Last week I needed a cutback. Poor Codie has had back-to-back ear infections and hasn’t been sleeping well and I was feeling a bit run-down myself. I skipped a lifting day (Wednesday) and skipped the running on my other two lifting days and the upshot was that I felt fresh all week and ran faster than I would have otherwise. It was a nice rest and now I’m ready to see if I can break 30 miles this week.

Monday: Weights
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:08.
Wednesday: 3.1 @ 8:27. Quickie run outside Wednesday evening but I’m rather proud of my splits: 9:06, 8:34, 7:48, and the last 0.1 in 7:31.
Thursday: 5.1 @ 8:40. Not to be all predictable but I am all about the progressions lately: 9:19, 8:51, 8:46, 8:33, 8:05, and the last .16 in 7:25.
Friday: Weights
Saturday: 7.9 @ 9:35. I was pleased to hold onto 9:30s in spite of feeling groggy because I stayed up late and drank beer Friday night.
Sunday: 3.2 @ 10:05. I usually don’t run Sundays but a friend invited me to come out with her running club. They meet Sundays at 11 at a brewery so we had an easy run and finished with a coffee stout.

Total: 25ish miles

A few other notes from the week…

My back is feeling better. I still notice it when I pick up a kid or put one down but running, lifting, walking, etc., hasn’t bothered it at all. Also– no treadmill runs! I did everything outside this week without any heel pain. It’s kind of weird and such a relief to feel good after a run instead of hurt.

Never signed up for that 5k. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me griping about an AG award $10 gift certificate I wasn’t able to use because I didn’t realize it expired way back in August, a month after I won it and during a time when there weren’t any races in my area. I messaged the race organizer on Facebook to ask if they might consider honoring the gift certificate, but they wouldn’t do it. I was feeling a little disgruntled and wasn’t ready to hand over any more money to them, so I looked up a different 5k but the cost was obnoxious– late registration was more than 40 bucks including processing fees. Some people might be willing to pay this much for a 5k BUT I AM NOT. So I messaged THEM and asked if they had any coupon codes. Someone replied and told me they didn’t, but that maybe I could show up and try to sweet-talk the race director for a couple bucks off. Ummm no thanks. So I may be waiting until March for another shot at a PR.


subversive shit I did last week

Early this morning I read that very disturbing New York Times piece that said, among other things, that DJT didn’t know he was putting Bannon on the National Security Council. HE SIGNED AN EXECUTIVE ORDER AND HE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT IT SAID. Also apparently his staff has been literally working in the dark because they couldn’t figure out how to turn on the lights in the cabinet room.

We’ve got our work cut out for us, you guys.

Last week I wanted to give more attention to some issues impacting Indiana as well as that OTHER complete disaster of an executive order, the president’s Muslim travel ban.

Who I supported

  • Indiana Youth Group – creates safe spaces, provides wellness programming,and educates LGBTQ youth and the community.
  • The ACLU.

Who I contacted

  • Indiana’s attorney general. He’s appealing a ruling that allowed same-sex parents to be listed on their child’s birth certificate. Seriously, who comes up with this shit? So I wrote his office and asked them to quit their foolishness (politely, of course).
  • So one of the really cool things Indiana is trying to do right now is bulldoze the inner city’s last old-growth forest. Neat, right? It’s gotten a fair amount of attention and there was even a march over the summer. (Although right now, it’s not looking good.) Currently, SB420 would protect Indiana forests by requiring that a portion of forest lands be restricted from logging. I wrote my state representatives in support of the bill and I wrote the authors of the bill to thank them.
  • SB 285 is attempting to restrict protests, so I wrote to my state senators and asked them to oppose it.
  • I called Senator Todd Young, who supported the president’s EO on immigration. (I also made a thank you call to Senator Donnelly for opposing the ban and for showing up at the protest held at our airport. Man…thank you calls are so much easier to make!)

What I read

What I did

I decluttered. Filing this one under self-care. I cleaned and organized my closet and sorted a bunch of stuff to either sell or donate. I had clothes in my closet that – let’s face it – will never, ever fit me again and were just taking up space. It felt therapeutic to get rid of shit.


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Week of 1/30

So my lower back has been hurting all week and I am hoping I just tweaked a muscle or something. It’s just left of center and it’s not sharp or shooting, and it didn’t bother me when I was running or lifting but it flared up again today after I’d been cleaning up, doing laundry, vacuuming, etc. I’ve been using my heating pad, which seems to help. I guess if it doesn’t get better I’ll probably think about seeing a doctor or something.


Monday: Weights + treadmill 2.25 @ 8:53. I did about an 8 minute warmup and then jacked my speed up by 0.1 MPH every minute. Toward the end, it got pretty nuts.
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:03 outside. This was my watchless progression that I won’t shut up about. 9:34. 9:15, 8:58, 9:07 (oof), 9:03, 8:19!
Wednesday: weights + treadmill 2 @ 9:39. I don’t remember anything of substance except that judging by my pace I probably felt tired.
Thursday: 6.3 @ 9:24 outside.
Friday: weights + treadmill 3 @ 9:02. A pretty little progression: 9:45, 8:59, 8:23
Saturday: 9.7 @ 9:40 outside. Last week I ran 9 sluggish miles outside and my legs felt trashed the whole way. This week’s long(ish) run felt a lot better. My legs really only felt trashed for the last mile. I had to do laps around the YMCA since I had my kids in childcare there (husband was out of town). So, five laps. It was a little tedious but…not as bad as I was expecting. My only complaint is that it was in the teens and I had to cover my face at times when I was running into the wind which makes me feel like I’m suffocating.
Total: 29ish miles