running week of 4/17 + not doing things

Apparently I’m training for a 5k now so I’m trying to put a little more thought into each run and not focus so much on “saving” myself for a Saturday double-digit run. I’d considered doing a May or June half marathon but since I have two halfs in the fall I decided it was not worth the effort and I’d rather put all my energy into PRing in my May 5k. So each week I’d like to do either speedwork or a tempo; a fast run; and a slightly longer run (like 6-8 miles) with a fast finish. It’s roughly what Hal Higdon prescribes but without the hassle of actually following a training plan.

Monday: weights + 3 @ 9:46. Hell of a day.
Tuesday: AM, a more successful repeat of last week’s speed drills: 1×2 (8:47, 8:44), 1×1 (8:27), 1×800 (3:59), 1×400 (1:52), 1×200 (:51)!!! (Converted to miles because of course I’m too lazy to change my Garmin to km.) The only one that wasn’t faster was the 400 which I ran a whopping 9 seconds faster last week. Also I’m super proud of the 200 (I ran roughly .13 of a mile) which worked out to a 6:11/mile. Yes, I only ran that fast for 51 seconds and yes that’s how fast some people can run marathons but STILL!! Total of 7 miles.

Aaaaand a PM 4.8 @ 8:58. I did a “tax day” group run with the local running store group. I ran from my house, did a fairly speedy (for me, for a second run) 3 miles with the group, then had a sandwich and chips and some cider back at the store and then ambled home.
Wednesday: weights. The back of my left butt cheek and my groin, down into my inner thigh, was hurting all night. I could not fall asleep because it hurt so much. I considered getting up to stretch/ice it but I was too tired/lazy. I iced first thing Thursday morning (before my run lol) though and it felt better. The pain came back briefly Sunday but it feels okay now.
Thursday: 6 @ 9:57, groin pain be damned! But I didn’t really enjoy it.
Friday: weights
Saturday: 6.2 @ 9:18. I’d planned on running longer, but I ran out of time before other commitments so I just did a fast finish. Mile 6 in 8:14 and last .20 in 7:11.
Sunday: 3.1 @ 8:45 Usually my rest day, but it was so pretty out – and I was just 3 miles away from reaching 30 for the week – so I did a quickie run with another fast finish. Mile 3 in 8:06 and last .1 in 7:26.

Total: 30ish!

And today, I’m resting.