running week of 7/3

Monday: OFF/traveling
Tuesday: Weights. After a week of all running and no lifting, I was actually eager to get back in the weight room. So I did every damn thing in there and then I was sore for two days.
Wednesday5 @ 9:50. This run sucked. It was in the 80s and super humid and (TANGENT) my cute new top from Target got soaked. It’s a C9 Champion with Duo Dry+™ technology that allegedly wicks moisture BUT IT DOES NOT WICK MOISTURE. I actually ran home to change my shirt before picking my kids up from the gym childcare because the stupid thing was dripping. Literally DRIPPING. I ran in it again today on the treadmill, thinking that I wouldn’t sweat quite as much but it just got soaked again. I even left a crappy review at because I was so annoyed. The top was 16 bucks so it didn’t break me but I definitely won’t be buying any more athletic tops from Target.
Thursday: 3 @ 8:37. Fed up with the heat, I ran 5×400 inside on the treadmill @ 1:52, 1:51, 1:50, 1:49, 1:48. I could never hit those numbers outside, but it felt pretty good on the treadmill.
Friday: Weights + treadmill 3 @ 9:09. Faster finish! Last mile in 8:37.
Saturday: 9 @ 10:24. I ran 5 easy miles with a couple of people from my moms running group but as I was heading to my car afterward, I felt unfulfilled so I ran another 4 by myself @ 9:20ish.
Sunday: OFF

TOTAL: 20 miles

And not a drop of moisture was wicked that day.