running week of 5/15

EDITOR’S NOTE: I need to not write these things when I’m drinking. I forgot about Wednesday night’s run and added it in later. ūüėõ

One of the ways I usually fuck up races is by running too hard during race week. Basically I think I’m stronger than I actually am. Last week, I did try to rest up while still satisfying my need to run and work out a lot.

Monday: 4 @ 9:35. Usually a weights day but I really felt like running and also thought it made sense to cram in the running early in the week for race purposes.
Tuesday: I did sort of a mini tempo: warm-up, 2 miles at 8:57 and 8:38, cool-down for a total of 4. I wanted to do one more meaningful training run, more for confidence than anything else.
Wednesday: AM Weights – mostly arms and back, I really tried to stay away from any leg stuff because I’ve had this lingering quad thing going on and didn’t want to exacerbate it. PM 4.8 @ 9:11 running store group run. I have a hard time not trying to keep up with the fastest runners at these things but this time I hung back and ran at a comfortable pace. I also got to try out the new Saucony Freedoms, which I ADORED until I saw the price ($160!!). 
Thursday: Weights (just my floor exercises and some stretching) + 2 @ 9:40 
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Rainbow Run 5k

Sunday: OFF

Total: 18ish miles

That’s it! And my next race isn’t until August 19 so there’s probably a LOT more mediocre running to come!


Rainbow Run 5k 2017


First of all, I’m doing a Facebook fundraiser for Indiana Youth Group until June 3. IYG provides safe places and confidential environments where self-identified LGBTQ kids are empowered through programs, support services, social and leadership opportunities and community service. Only one person has donated (embarrassing!) so go over and give them a few bucks if you’re able! Thank you.

I ran the Indy Pride 5k Saturday morning and finished in 24:47, 48/221 overall. Gender-division rankings aren’t indicated in the results, presumably because for this event, entrants were not required to choose a gender. However I counted all the non-male 35-40 year olds ahead of me and there were just three. ūüôā

So I’ll get the whiny stuff out of the way first and then I’ll get to the rest of the race report. I’ve been trying to PR at the 5K for A LONG TIME. If by chance, you’ve never read my complaints about it, I used to be a bit faster than I am now and that bothers me probably more than it should. I ran my previous 5k PR (25:06) in 2013 when I was three months pregnant, so you’d think it’d be easy not pregnant to beat that time, but no. I’ve been trying for almost four years. Sad!

So forgive me if I sound ungracious, but even though I technically PRed Saturday (and that’s a *BIG* technical since I don’t think the course was certified) I’m still a little disgruntled because in my mind I still think it’s possible for me to run something closer to a 7:40 pace for this distance. Please don’t tell me I’ve reached that age where I’ll never be as fast as I once was. No.

So yeah.

When I ran this race last year (26:08) it was muggy and about 20 degrees warmer, I was tired, I was sick, I hadn’t slept well and I had just started my period. Everything about it sucked. I went out too fast and fell apart HARD in the last mile (okay, in the second mile) and I was pissed off about it for days. 

This year I had some things working in my favor: 55 degrees and overcast, TWO consecutive nights of good sleep, and no period. Oh, and training. I actually trained for this one.

I ran to the start just seconds before the gun (gun = somebody shouting “GO!”) after standing in the porta-potty line for about 10 minutes. There was no timing mat at the start and my Garmin wasn’t showing an accurate pace in the first mile so I anxiously ran faster than I might have otherwise. Mile 1 – 8:06

I found my rhythm and settled into a pace that I thought (THOUGHT lol) felt hard but doable. The plan was to run about 8:00 for mile 2 and maybe 7:45 for the last mile. Mile 2 – 7:58

Yeaaaah, that 8:00 pace started feeling pretty brutal. I had a mild side stitch and felt like I was concentrating way too hard on not tripping over the potholes and cracks in the road. And as soon as I thought about tripping, I actually did sort of stumble. I was ready to finish doing the thing. Mile 3 – 8:06

There’s the finish line! There it is! Seeing it gave me a final burst of energy (thank you, fast finish training runs?) and I hauled ass down the final stretch. Last .1 – 7:36.

Behold, consistent mediocrity.

And then I immediately began second-guessing that third mile and wondering if I could have worked a little harder. It would have been really nice to see a 7:54 right there.

And since there are no photos posted yet, here is a picture from last year’s race in which you can just see the top of my hat! 

I’m behind that good looking guy in the headband.

QUESTION: Do you still count a PR on a non-certified course? I’m just a hobby jogger, so I don’t mind counting it, but if I were more competitive (or if the distance seemed wildly short) I probably wouldn’t.

subversive shit I did last week (3/5)

Hi again. It was another week of mostly¬†goddamnitwhatthefuck,¬†but I’m plugging away. I read some good stuff on International Women’s Day and planned to write a whole blog post about it but since¬†I suck¬†at blogging, I never got around to it. I included some links in this post though.

Who I supported

Who I contacted

  • I contacted my reps to oppose The REINS Act. This is the one that has the potential to bring the regulatory process¬†to a screeching halt. It “radically repositions Congress, the most political branch of government, as the place to make the ultimate decisions that involve detailed technical matters.”
  • Locally, this Crown Hill deforestation shit came¬†to a head. Construction had started and things appeared pretty bleak, but a 25th hour letter from Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett seemed promising. I contacted the VA director, David Shulkin and asked him to listen to the mayor and consider an alternative location that would not require destroying the inner city’s last virgin forest, and I contacted Indiana’s (D) senator and asked him to do as the mayor has done and speak up on behalf on Crown Hill Forest. THEN, a¬†civil disobedience success! People put their bodies in front of the trees!¬†I wish I had been there. I know we shouldn’t get too excited, but it appears the VA is at least open to a dialogue with the public. It’s a relief to feel my actions perhaps made an impact.
  • I contacted my Indiana reps to oppose a state pre-k funding bill. What?¬†I’ll explain. This legislation proposes expansion of a pre-k pilot program, which sounds great and I would be a huge supporter of free, public preschool, but there’s some¬†voucher language tied into it that I don’t like. From an article in one of our¬†weekly papers: ‚ÄúIndiana needs to expand pre-school but not with an expensive link to guarantee K-12 private school vouchers,‚ÄĚ Smith [Rep. Vernon Smith, D-Gary] said. ‚ÄúAny pre-K student, including public pre-K students, get a voucher for life. This would be the biggest expansion of voucher eligibility since 2013.‚ÄĚ And that sets off all kinds of red flags in my head.
  • I contacted my reps to oppose the AHCA, because obviously. If you’re on Obamacare, consider telling the White House¬†about your experiences. They’re looking for negative stories, so let’s make sure they also hear from all the people¬†the ACA has helped.

What I read

And some special stuff for International Women’s Day

What I did

I was sick last week so I mostly sat around the house feeling sorry for myself.


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