running week of 2/27

I don’t know how I ever, or how anyone with a job and/or kids manages to run more than 30 miles a week. If you do this and you somehow also find time to work and read books and write interesting blog posts and know things about news and politics and also be a good partner and parent and maybe see friends now and then, please teach me. Oh, and I don’t like waking up at 4 a.m.

Here’s another training update, but if you read last week’s you can probably just skip this one because it’s almost exactly the same.

Monday: weights + 4 @ 9:13. This felt like overdoing it for me. There’s a reason I don’t ordinarily run on Mondays. But I wasn’t sure how my Tuesday was going to work out (babysitting a friend’s kids) so I wanted to get in a preemptive run just in case. (Did end up being able to run Tuesday evening!)
Tuesday: 6 @ 8:42. I started out feeling like I was gonna have a shitty run, but ended up feeling alright toward the end. I did struggle in mile 6 to keep the same pace as mile 5.
Wednesday: weights
Thursday: 6 @ 8:34. 9:07, 8:49, 8:36, 8:25, 8:19, 8:07! I typically know whether or not it’s going to be a good day by the end of the first mile. When I checked my pace at mile 1 and saw 9:1Xs instead of 9:5Xs, I was elated.
Friday: weights + TM 2 @ 18:16
Saturday: 12 @ 9:32. I hit a rough patch at mile 8ish because I waited too long to take my gel (had to get to a water fountain), but I was pretty pleased with the effort, especially considering it was miserably cold and windy.
Sunday: REST
Total 30

So yeah. I feel like I’m strong enough to start doing some longer runs (or double run days) during the week and work toward getting my mileage into the low to mid 30s but I’m not willing to make the necessary adjustments by waking up earlier or run during dinner so for now I’m just complaining about it. Cool huh?

privilege check


Five weeks to half marathon greatness: week 1

So I didn’t precisely follow THE PLAN this week but I came close. Eleven minutes into my tempo Wednesday, my eldest decided to throw an hysterical fit at the gym childcare (a first for us!) and I had to go rescue her. A lot of her preschool friends go to the Y so she usually has a good time there, but in hindsight I think she was feeling crappy that day and I felt bad that I didn’t see it earlier. But I’m not gonna lie: I was IN THE ZONE so it sucked having to stop my run. #mommymartyr

Thursday was supposed to be an easy run + strength day so I compromised and ran my missed tempo and then did 20 minutes of light strength work. Thirty pushups, some tricep dips and bicep curls, a few rounds of ab exercises and some squats and lunges and then I called it a day. I’m reeeeeally trying not to skip out on the strength work this month. But it’s so boring. I hate it.

My tempo miles were 9:01. 8:36, 8:40, with a warmup and cooldown mile on each end. I’m especially pleased with the effort because it was sleeting and windy that day and I was cold and tired. The plan called for a rest day Friday but I went ahead and did 3 easy miles to make up for THAT missed run.

Saturday: 5 miles at “GHMP.” I came close to my goal pace, but didn’t quiet hit it.
Sunday: 7 miles. THE PLAN called for 10 but since I crammed all my mileage into the latter part of the week, I cut it short. (I did 10 last week though so it’s cool.)

This week

A 15k practice race. Of course there are zero 15Ks within a 50 mile radius this weekend, so I’ll be “racing” myself. (I did find about 300 5Ks though, and a marathon and half marathon…which I briefly considered running, but a last-minute entry would cost me 75 bucks and I just can’t justify that expense for a practice race.)

I may drive somewhere nice to run just for a change of scenery though. Running circles around my neighborhood gets a little tedious, especially getting into the double digits.

In summary, a survey: 

Week 1 was:

A) Kind of a failure

I’m on zero sleeps

Yeah so, last night was one of those OH MY GOD HOLY FUCK KILL ME I’M LOSING MY MIND kind of nights.


I have a 5 month old and a 3 year old you guys, and they both sleep like newborns. They were waking up before I even went to bed, and then pretty much took turns every hour from 10:30 until dawn. I even broke my Number One Rule For Maintaining My Sanity and briefly let Kenzie GET INTO BED WITH ME because I just didn’t feel like I had the energy to get up again, but then I came to my very last sense and carried her back to her room. The last time I put her to bed was at 5 a.m. She was up for the day at 6:15.tumblr_n0v255JWvc1rey868o2_500

I HATE writing about this. Nobody cares about my children’s sleep habits. It’s so boring. And nobody cares that I’m tired. Everybody’s tired. But being this tired hurts.

And I’m doing everything wrong. Everybody’s always like, PUT THEM TO BED AWAKE OR ELSE THEY’LL NEVER LEARN TO SLEEP. Well, I did that with Kenzie and look where it got us. Now she literally needs someone to hold her hand until she falls asleep. (The only alternative is to lock her in her room and I won’t do that.)

With Codie, I really tried. For a while I was putting her down awake probably half the time. If she didn’t go right to sleep, I’d cuddle and nurse her. But over the last month or so I’ve started nursing her to sleep every time.

retard alert

can’t let them cry. Even if I had the intestinal fortitude for that (not saying I won’t have to resort to it at some point), they’d just scream and wake each other up. And I’ve been awake with both girls at 3 a.m. I’m not trying to do that again. (I’ve written that exact statement here before. I think. I told you, I’m losing it.)

PMRuBAnyway, how was YOUR night? If you slept, GTFO.