June recap

I was hoping to get closer to 100 miles in June but LOL NOPE that didn’t happen.

Total miles: 81.7 miles – not as many as I wanted, but about as many I was capable of. It’s been a fairly mild summer here – we had the A/C off all week before we left for New Mexico – but June was still unbearably humid more often than not. On more than a couple of days, I intended to run longer but quit at only 4 or 5.

Days running: 19 – same as last month.

Longest run: 8 miles on June 25. I’m not training for anything right now so weekend long runs have been either casual or nonexistent.

Runs on the treadmill: Three, some shorter ones on my lifting days.

Races: None. Next race is in August.

Group runs: None

Best run: During that brief respite from the heat, I did a passable tempo with three miles at 8:43, 8:44, 8:31.

Worst run: I had a 4 miler June 13 that sucked pretty hard. It was really hot and I didn’t get up early enough and I was a wreck when I finished. #300milesofsummer update: 104 miles since June 1; 56 miles since the official beginning of summer. (If you’re confused, my running group is doing a mileage challenge that began June 1 even though summer didn’t really start until June 21. Moreover, my kids go back to school in two weeks so I’m in denial that it’s going to be hot af for at least two more months.)


running, NM hills edition (week of 6/26)

We were in New Mexico visiting my folks Wednesday – Monday so I “got” to run some proper hills. It was also 90+ degrees every day I was there so none of these runs were all that remarkable except for the fact that I did them at all. On top of that, the kids’ sleep always gets totally fucked when we travel from Eastern to Mountain time so none of  us ever really sleep that great. Last week was also sort of noteworthy because I ran six days in a row (including Sunday 6/25) and I never do that.

Monday: 5 @ 9:05 – a tempoish thing? Warmup mile, 8:47, 8:46, 8:38, cool down mile.
Tuesday3 @ 9:38. Weights day plus a run so a little slower but I still managed a teeny bit faster finish.
Wednesday: 3 @ 9:41 in New Mexico, after flying around all morning and with a 171 ft elevation gain so I felt like 9:40s weren’t half bad.
Thursday4 @ 10:08. Another hilly one, 296 ft elevation gain.
Friday: 3 @ 9:26, yup more hills.
Saturday: OFF.
Sunday:4 @ 10:06.

Total: 22ish miles

#300milesofsummer update: 81.7 miles in June, 37 miles since the official beginning of summer.

What’s next

At some point I will probably do a June recap for me and anyone else who is actually reading this. We also went on sort of an eating/drinking tour of Albuquerque and Santa Fe and I might actually blog about that too!