another week of unnoteworthy running (4/24)

I had a week!

IDK gif

Aside: I googled “unnoteworthy gif” and found this gif I used in an old post about unnoteworthy runs. MY INTERNETS HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE. Or maybe I just need to broaden my vocabulary.


Monday: Off
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:16. I ran a tempo with 4 miles in the 8:50s, which felt a lot harder than it should have.
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 6.1 @ 9:15
Friday: treadmill 3.1 @ 8:44. Usually a lifting day for me, but I didn’t feel like lifting AT ALL so I ran instead.
Saturday: off. I had a FIDO meeting all morning and it was pouring rain and storming anyway, so I pushed my run back to Sunday.
Sunday: 6.2 @ 9:11. Faster than last week’s 10k, but felt a lot harder. It was pretty windy, but I was also just feeling beat-up and tired. My breath felt short the whole time, which is rare for me, and I had a side stitch that wouldn’t go away (it’s actually still a little sore today). I still tried to pull off a fast finish (into a 20mph headwind, uuuugh), but not nearly as fast as I wanted. Last mile in 8:49, last .12 in 7:57.

Total: 21ish miles

I followed the plan/non-plan the way I wanted to but the whole week felt rough, admittedly mostly because of bad decisions on my part–staying up too late, screwing around, drinking too much. But I’m hoping at least part of that rough feeling is due to running a bit harder. Each run last week was more purposeful; I ran harder rather than just putting in a few perfunctory miles to bump up the mileage count. HOWEVER I’m going to try to take better care of myself this week and see if it makes any difference. 😉

I’m also still struggling to strike a balance between all the running I want to do and all the strength work/conditioning I NEED to do. I really like lifting three days a week, especially now that I’m actually getting stronger, but I wish I could run (and run well) on those days, and I really don’t have time to do two quality workouts out a day. (I could run a couple crappy miles on my lifting days but I’m not sure it would have much of an impact.)

And I’m looooathe to complain because I know I’m lucky to be doing as much as I am. But…there it is. I want all the benefits of weightlifting without actually having to do it. And I want to run every day.




running week of 4/3 and a fun shower story

Race week training/I never know quite how to taper edition. I took off Wednesday because I had some other shit going on and then probably hammered my legs a little more than necessary later in the week. I think one of the reasons I keep falling apart at races is that I have unrealistic expectations. I’m not as strong or as fast as I think I am so I run harder than I should during the taper.

Monday: weights + I SWAM LAPS OMG. 1000 yards, which I know isn’t much for a real swimmer but it’s kind of a lot for someone who hasn’t done a single lap in at least two years. I can’t even remember the last time I was in the lap pool. (But the last time I blogged about it, I only had one child!)

I didn’t hate it!

What I did hate was stepping out of the gym shower (which by the way, runs at a trickle and has a single temperature setting: scalding hot) to find that my towel had fallen off the hook and was now sopping up public shower floor water. No more towels in the locker room, so I had to use the one small dry corner of my towel to try to dry myself, wondering what kinds of shower filth and foot fungus I had exposed to my naked body.

Tuesday: 8 @ 9:13. 
Wednesday: Off.
Thursday: weights + treadmill 3 @ 9:05. Wind and rain and just…nah.
Friday: Some halfass ab/leg stuff + 2 @ 9:52. Slight overkill? I wanted to do a shakeout before my race but it made me feel tired and I probably should have skipped it.
Saturday: Indy Miler Training Series 10
Sunday: REST

Total: 23 miles

Question: Does showering at the gym skeeve you out? I do it only when absolutely necessary, and never without flip flops. I have no reason to believe my gym is swarming with disease but there’s just something gross about puddles of water when it’s not from you. Like, I always imagine it’s all pee.

Couple things:

  • I am still doing the burpee thing on my weightlifting days. They are not feeling any easier yet.
  • My knee is no longer bothering me, so that’s good.
  • Next race: Pride 5k May 20.

running week of 3/27


Last week I took a few days off due to traveling but I stayed reasonably sober and ate pretty well so I didn’t feel disgusting and bloated when we got home and still managed a decent run on Sunday.

Monday: weights + 3.5 @ 8:55. I did kind of a dodgy treadmill speed workout: 400 (1:52), 800 (3:50), 800 (3:50), 400 (1:51). But it damn near killed me.
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:06. Another mostly successful progression run. I started at 9:30s and ended at 8:30s. Probably overkill a day after that treadmill run. Yeah, it took me two weeks, but it finally occurred to me that if I’m going to do a speed day on Monday, I probably need to move my tempos/progs to Thursday.
Wednesday: weights + 3.4 @ 9:23. Definitely overkill. This one felt painfully slow, but we left town Thursday and I knew I wouldn’t be running until we got back so I threw in a short one on leg day for good measure.
Thursday: nada
Friday: nada
Saturday: almost, but nada
Sunday:  6 @ 8:57. Sunday I wanted to make up for lost time and get in some confidence-boosting race pace miles (10 miler Saturday!) I warmed up, ran 4 miles at 8:42, 8:39, 8:36, 8:36 (a la my faithful Forerunner 110), and then a cool-down mile.

Total: 19ish

My 10 mile PR (my only 10 mile race) is 1:29:17 (8:55ish pace) so unless things go horribly awry, a PR is definitely possible.

But…my left knee started bothering me after our City Museum excursion. I didn’t notice it at all on Sunday but I’ve noticed it all day today. I’m going to do what I normally do and ignore it until either A) it’s unbearable or B) it goes away.

Anyway, that’s my plan: ignore my knees and run a 3-minute PR.

running week of 3/20

Last week I added some new moves to my lifting routine and was sore all weekend. I read this article in a sponsored post by Runner’s World about doing burpees, and even though the article was a little silly, it made me want to do burpees. (Realization: burpees are hard.) I also did some additional squats and jumps (see “LEG DAY” below) so my long run Saturday ended up being a shorter run.

Monday: weights (mostly upper body) + treadmill 4 @ 8:37. I did 6×400 (best split: 1.48; worst: 1:54)
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:06. My splits were kinda fun: 9:37, 9:15, 9:15, 8:56, 8:56, 8:37. (But I was trying to run as a progression so…)
Wednesday: weights (mostly lower). I’d planned a PM run but scrapped it at the last minute.
Thursday: 6 @ 8:56
Friday: weights (LEG DAY) + 30 burpees + treadmill 2 @ 8:50
Saturday: 8.7 @ 9:33. I was sore and tired from the week so this ended up being a more leisurely run than usual. I stopped to talk to a friend, stopped to use the bathroom. I’d planned on running 10 but ran out of time before swim lessons (again) and I was perfectly content with stopping early.
Sunday: 30 burpees

TOTAL: 26ish

We’re leaving town Thursday for just two nights, and we’re cramming in a lot of stuff in just a couple of days (mostly driving) so I probably won’t run while we’re gone.

That’s it!

Running week of 3/13

Last week was a “rebuilding” week after taking eight days off due to illness. I felt a little rusty and only ran ~22 miles but I’m pretty much back to my 100% this week (emphasis on my).

Monday: weights + treadmill 2 @ 8:54. Groggy AF.
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:09. I ran watchless (but tracked on runkeeper) as a sort of fitness test and was pleased to find I could still run.
Wednesday: AM weights + PM 4.8 @ 8:42. I ran down to our local Runner’s Forum from my house for a group run/homebrew tutorial/Brooks shoe demo. I ran in the Brooks Launch and they were okay but Definitely Not Kinvaras. I had an Irish stout, a green cupcake and a slice of pizza. I also got a fun copper mug from Brooks and a Great Fermentations pint glass I won in a raffle! Aaaand then I had to run home carrying them in my hands like some kind of super ambitious lush. (8:56 average :P)
Thursday: Unplanned rest day. I hosted a playdate at my house that involved nine toddlers and a lot of buttercream frosting and I never got around to running.
Friday: weights + 3 @ 9:05.
Saturday: 5.8 @ 8:47. I wanted to run longer Saturday but I ran out of time before the kids’ swim lessons so I just ran faster. Really proud of these splits: 9:23, 9:04, 8:51, 8:44, 8:30, 8:01.
Sunday: REST

I kinda feel like I should apologize/acknowledge that my running log of pitiful ~6 milers is the boringest ass blog ever but I’m not smart enough to offer any technical insight and I’m having trouble coming up with anything even remotely funny or profound so what I end up doing is just logging miles. I did however, do 6x400s today and I am also culling together a race schedule for the rest of the year that includes a few goal races and a few fun runs:

  • 10 miler: April 8 (Just because it’s cheap and I want to do a race.)*
  • Pride 5k: May 20*
  • Noblesville 10k: May 27 (I haven’t done a 10k since 2013 and I have almost no chance for a PR but I want to see if I can come close.)
  • Monumental Mile: June 1 (This is a big maybe. I don’t want to spent 20+ bucks to crappily race a mile a few days after racing a 10k.)
  • Zionsville Half: June 11 (Only 40 bucks!)
  • Hops ‘n’ Flip Flops 5k: August 19 (Mostly a beer thing.)
  • Indy Half: Oct 7 (In which I will try not to race.)*
  • Monumental Half: Nov 4 (GOAL RACE)*

*I’ve actually registered for these. 😛

So for those who like to read race reports from average runners, your content is forthcoming.

Week of 1/2 and 1/9

We prepped for freezing rain Friday (and by “prepped” I mean “bought a ton of alcohol”) but surface temperatures stayed above freezing and it didn’t rain as much as predicted so we lucked out. But you never regret buying too much alcohol.

I luv u aldi

I meant to get over here early in the week to do my training report but I never got around to it and now the week is over so I’m gonna have to drop the last two weeks on you again.

Last week was pretty uneventful. The weekend was rough. Codie has been cutting her 2-year molars for what seems like weeeeeks and she woke up every couple of hours Saturday and Sunday night. Lucky for all of us she has been sleeping a lot better this week *knock on wood*. (Except for last night when she was awake from 2-3:30 a.m. for no apparent reason…guh.)

Sunday 1/1: 3 @ 9:47 (outside) I usually don’t run Sundays but I felt obligated to run on the first day of the year to prove that I wasn’t too hungover to do it.
Monday 1/2: lifted things; climbed 60 stories on the stairclimber and sweat approximately 300 gallons.
Tuesday 1/3: 6 @ 9:42 (outside) I did a progression that I am pretty freaking proud of: 10:26, 10:06, 9:55, 9:36, 9:23, 8:46, 8:18! And my heel didn’t hurt afterward which makes me even happier.
Thursday 1/5: 5 @ 10:04 (outside). There were a couple inches of snow on the ground, which I was prepared for, but I was underdressed (I was thinking it was going to be more of a warm, early-winter snow rather than a frigid, dead of winter snow) and even after I was back inside, I could not get warm. I had a hot coffee and then resorted to a hot bath in the middle of the day, much to the bewilderment of my kids.

My eyeballs are frozen.

Friday 1/6: weights + 2 @ 9:17
Saturday: 1/7: 6 @ 9:06. I was hoping to make this a longer run but I was on the treadmill and exhausted from a weekend of no sleep and totally wasn’t feeling it. Probably started out a little fast too.

Total: 22 miles

This week I set an arbitrary goal of 30 miles and accomplished that, but it probably won’t happen again.

Monday: weights + 2 @ 9:18
Tuesday: 6.35 @ 9:27 progression.
Wednesday: Weights + 2. I know I ran, but I forgot to log it in Runkeeper. I can’t imagine it was anything extraordinary.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thursday: Double run day! I ran 8×400 @ 1:59 (with .25 recovery jogs) on the treadmill in the morning for a total of 5.25 and then went out for a group run in the evening (5.3 @ 10:47). Day’s total: 10.55. I would actually have liked to have done a couple more of the 400s but it was unbearably hot in the gym that morning (some freak HVAC thing) and I was ready to throw up and pass out. On top of that, there is NO COLD RUNNING WATER anywhere in the gym (except the water fountains) so after sweating buckets I had to take a hot shower. It was really gross, you guys.(I usually don’t shower at the gym but I had to be somewhere right after.)
Friday: 3 @ 9:39. Friday was a lifting day but I skipped most of the leg stuff so I could still run.
Saturday: A brutal 8.1 @ 10:05 on the treadmill. My pace doesn’t look that bad, but that doesn’t include the multiple times I paused the treadmill to stretch and drink water and then check my phone just to put off starting back up again. It was awful, you guys. My legs were trashed from the heavy running week and if we’re being honest I was a little hungover. At mile 7, I decided I was done – 30 miles be damned – but then I sat down, drank some water and stretched again and decided I could suffer through one more mile.***

Total: 32 miles!


I haven’t run a 30 mile week since last May and I don’t plan on doing it again any time soon. With my current schedule and lifting routine, it’s really not sustainable long-term. I’d have to drop a lifting day or do a double every week and I just don’t see that happening consistently.


I’ve been running outside a little more and my heel seems to be cooperating. Sometimes it’s a little stiff in the evenings but the rolling takes care of it. I’d like to get to where I’m running outside exclusively but since the treadmill is so much easier on my heel, I’ll probably ease back in that direction gradually. I’m probably going to do a St. Patrick’s half  marathon in March, I found a code for 10% off. I still need to choose and register for a February 5k.

***So yeah, due to shitty math and forgetting to log my mileage in runkeeper  I thought I was only at 21.9 for the week, which is why I insisted on running 8.1 miles on the treadmill when I was feeling like garbage. I could have run 6.1 and still hit 30 for the week. But…since I’m probably doing a half in March, it’s not a terrible idea to commit to long runs again. 😀

Last week’s running

Last week was pretty light on the mileage since the kids and I were both sick, but I ended up with a couple of decent workouts and don’t feel like the whole week went to waste.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday: Nothing. Not even walking.
Wednesday: 4.85 @ 8:49. Heh, I overdid it a little. I was excited to run again after a few days off and a local running store was holding a group run to let people try new models of Sauconys. I ran from my house to the store and then did three with the group (in the new Kinvara 7s and they were glooooorious!) and then ran home. Bonus: the running store had water, Gatorade, beer, fruit, and sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, AND a couple people I knew were there so it was a good time. (Side note: I’ve lived here for 10 years but it’s hard making friends when you’re in your 30s. Also, I’m something of an introvert so I have to balance my desire to have friends with my aversion to interacting with strangers. Basically, the novelty of running into people I actually know has not worn off yet.)
Thursday: Weights. I spent a while doing my hamstring PT exercises before my workout and then did a nice long slow weight routine. I even sort of enjoyed it.
Friday: weights + 3.3 @ 9:50. I went to the gym with the intention of just lifting but after my workout I impulsively decided to go outside for a quick run. I didn’t have my Garmin so I just ran by feel, which was interesting since I never, ever do that. My pace was pretty much what I thought it would be.
Saturday: I got up at 6 a.m. to run but Codie woke up at 6:15 (after also waking up at 2 and 4:30) and I was really tired so I stayed home with her and pushed my run back to Sunday.
Sunday: 10 @ 9:26. I slept in and headed out for my run at around 7:30 a.m. I was feeling ambitious so I threw in four miles at HMP for good measure (9:04, 8:57, 8:47, 8:58). It was a bit cooler Sunday and I had an absolutely fantastic time. Real hints of fall! SOON.

Total: 18 miles

I have two more weekends before the half but this weekend we are camping at a blues fest (SANS CHILDREN and OMG I am SO EXCITED [obligatory statement about how I love my children]). I want to do some longer runs this week because I know if I run at all this weekend, it’ll be short, and probably hungover. I’d like to do a 12 mile run before the race but this isn’t my goal race so if it doesn’t happen, [shrug]. It might be interesting to see how I hold up in a half with my longest training run only 10 miles.