St. Louis City Museum

We took a quick trip to Missouri last week to visit the grandparents and stopped off in St. Louis on the way back. Ordinarily I take the opportunity to run on the Katy Trail but we were there for such a short time, I didn’t get the chance. I did however, get in quite a workout at the City Museum.

If you know nothing about it, the City Museum is like a medieval fever dream playground monstrosity on acid.

We only spent about three hours there before we were all freaking exhausted, and probably missed a huge portion of the museum. (Not really sure because they don’t have maps! Part of the experience.)

We explored the outdoor area for about an hour before we even made it inside the building. At first I was hesitant to let my two-year old climb around in what looked like a giant human version of the game Mouse Trap (there are are lot of steep steps, slides and narrow passageways), but it ended up being very cool and nobody even plummeted to their death.

What are you so worried about, mommy? I’m invincible!

We didn’t make it all the way to the top of the castle, mostly because it was really crowded (spring break, ugh) and there was only a very small opening onto the top level, but we climbed a very steep and narrow staircase to the first level where we spotted the other half of our family and snapped a photo.

Inside, we found a slightly less dangerous toddler play area and a train for the kids to ride.

There’s also a ton of slides, one that is 10 stories tall (and a 5-story slide for the little ones!)

The entire bottom level comprises the caves.

We didn’t spend a very long time down there because it was pretty crowded (everywhere you look there is somebody crawling out of a hole) and honestly the darkness and tight spaces made me a little anxious and claustrophobic. At one point my kids disappeared into an opening I couldn’t really fit through and I informed everyone within earshot, OKAY I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE.

Did I mention they have beer?

We saw a ton of people (who were more prepared than we were) wearing knee pads and carrying flashlights, which would have been helpful in a lot of areas that are not brightly or continuously lit. I still have bruises on my knees from crawling around over the stone in the caves and the iron bars that made up a large part of the structures.

The kids had a blast and husband and I had a great time too, but it was pretty overwhelming, mostly because of the spring break hordes, but also because it was just a total sensory overload. It’s not for everybody. If crawling around and climbing isn’t your thing, I’d skip it. But it was definitely an experience we won’t forget.


I get around


I’m off to Missouri Land tomorrow to see my most sisterly of friends, Miss Kimmeh.

(Ha, ha. Mindi’s wearing the same shirt in two pictures.)

There’s definitely going to be some more douchebaggery that may or may not start with a tour of the Schlafly Brewery and end with us sliding face first down the St. Louis Arch

I did some sprintish type stuff last night — not the 3x1000s the training plan called for. Psh. Are you surprised? That’s why they call it a training plan, so I can change it according to whim. I ended up doing 8X400.

As Colbert says, “if at first you don’t succeed, redefine what you did as success.” I know I’ve said that before but it’s relevant in oh so many ways, I’m sure you won’t mind if I drag it out again.

There’s a nice big circle in an undeveloped subdivision near my house – so I went there and ran around it a bunch of times.

I thought the map of my route was kind of funny.

It was actually sort of perfect; the circle was exactly a mile from my house, so I ran there to warmup, did my laps and then ran home to cool down.

Naturally, the first quarter mile was the best; it all went downhill from there. It still looks a lot better than it really was because I stopped the timer to walk for a minute or so in between laps.

I know that some of you run a 6:52 pace ALL THE TIME AND THEN SOME. But I’m pretty proud of this.

Tomorrow: 10? 12? 14? I’ll surprise you.