JULY miles

Hi there! I’m back with another uninspiring running update!

Total miles: 95 miles – 14 more than June! Still can’t crack 100 but I’m getting closer.

Days running: 20 – one more days than last month.

Longest run: 9 miles on July 8. I’m starting to think about fall half marathon training and doing longer runs again, but…yeah. I’m not there yet. Procrastination!

Runs on the treadmill: ELEVEN. It’s been hot.

Races: None. Next race is the Hops n Flip Flops 5k August 19. There’s gonna be beer.

Group runs: One I think? With my mom’s running group.

Best run: I think my favorite was that 9 miler. Not the fastest, but the weather was nicer. I also had a decent six last Saturday when the weather was cooler and I managed a faster finish. My last mile was around 8:50.

Worst run: I had a not-great run on the Prairie Path near Chicago. There was a bathroom situation and I barely made it to the CitGo in time. I guess the run was okay after that.

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#300milesofsummer update: 179 miles since June 1; 131 since the official beginning of summer. (If you’re confused, my running group is doing a summer mileage challenge that began June 1, but the official beginning of summer was June 21 so I’m keeping track of both because I’m a dork like that.

I haven’t been posting weekly running recaps because I’ve just been doing basic ass runs on the treadmill and barely hitting 20 miles a week, but if I do anything noteworthy, I’ll be sure to let you know.



running week of 7/3

Monday: OFF/traveling
Tuesday: Weights. After a week of all running and no lifting, I was actually eager to get back in the weight room. So I did every damn thing in there and then I was sore for two days.
Wednesday5 @ 9:50. This run sucked. It was in the 80s and super humid and (TANGENT) my cute new top from Target got soaked. It’s a C9 Champion with Duo Dry+™ technology that allegedly wicks moisture BUT IT DOES NOT WICK MOISTURE. I actually ran home to change my shirt before picking my kids up from the gym childcare because the stupid thing was dripping. Literally DRIPPING. I ran in it again today on the treadmill, thinking that I wouldn’t sweat quite as much but it just got soaked again. I even left a crappy review at Target.com because I was so annoyed. The top was 16 bucks so it didn’t break me but I definitely won’t be buying any more athletic tops from Target.
Thursday: 3 @ 8:37. Fed up with the heat, I ran 5×400 inside on the treadmill @ 1:52, 1:51, 1:50, 1:49, 1:48. I could never hit those numbers outside, but it felt pretty good on the treadmill.
Friday: Weights + treadmill 3 @ 9:09. Faster finish! Last mile in 8:37.
Saturday: 9 @ 10:24. I ran 5 easy miles with a couple of people from my moms running group but as I was heading to my car afterward, I felt unfulfilled so I ran another 4 by myself @ 9:20ish.
Sunday: OFF

TOTAL: 20 miles

And not a drop of moisture was wicked that day.

June recap

I was hoping to get closer to 100 miles in June but LOL NOPE that didn’t happen.

Total miles: 81.7 miles – not as many as I wanted, but about as many I was capable of. It’s been a fairly mild summer here – we had the A/C off all week before we left for New Mexico – but June was still unbearably humid more often than not. On more than a couple of days, I intended to run longer but quit at only 4 or 5.

Days running: 19 – same as last month.

Longest run: 8 miles on June 25. I’m not training for anything right now so weekend long runs have been either casual or nonexistent.

Runs on the treadmill: Three, some shorter ones on my lifting days.

Races: None. Next race is in August.

Group runs: None

Best run: During that brief respite from the heat, I did a passable tempo with three miles at 8:43, 8:44, 8:31.

Worst run: I had a 4 miler June 13 that sucked pretty hard. It was really hot and I didn’t get up early enough and I was a wreck when I finished. #300milesofsummer update: 104 miles since June 1; 56 miles since the official beginning of summer. (If you’re confused, my running group is doing a mileage challenge that began June 1 even though summer didn’t really start until June 21. Moreover, my kids go back to school in two weeks so I’m in denial that it’s going to be hot af for at least two more months.)

running, NM hills edition (week of 6/26)

We were in New Mexico visiting my folks Wednesday – Monday so I “got” to run some proper hills. It was also 90+ degrees every day I was there so none of these runs were all that remarkable except for the fact that I did them at all. On top of that, the kids’ sleep always gets totally fucked when we travel from Eastern to Mountain time so none of  us ever really sleep that great. Last week was also sort of noteworthy because I ran six days in a row (including Sunday 6/25) and I never do that.

Monday: 5 @ 9:05 – a tempoish thing? Warmup mile, 8:47, 8:46, 8:38, cool down mile.
Tuesday3 @ 9:38. Weights day plus a run so a little slower but I still managed a teeny bit faster finish.
Wednesday: 3 @ 9:41 in New Mexico, after flying around all morning and with a 171 ft elevation gain so I felt like 9:40s weren’t half bad.
Thursday4 @ 10:08. Another hilly one, 296 ft elevation gain.
Friday: 3 @ 9:26, yup more hills.
Saturday: OFF.
Sunday:4 @ 10:06.

Total: 22ish miles

#300milesofsummer update: 81.7 miles in June, 37 miles since the official beginning of summer.

What’s next

At some point I will probably do a June recap for me and anyone else who is actually reading this. We also went on sort of an eating/drinking tour of Albuquerque and Santa Fe and I might actually blog about that too!


running week of 6/19

Monday: Weights + treadmill 3 @ 9:31 – fast finish
Tuesday: 5 @ 9:28. This was the first progression I’d run in weeks and although I felt sluggish, I was pleased with the finish. 10:14, 9:39, 9:17, 9:10, 8:43. The weather has been more mild lately which obviously helps immensely.
Wednesday: weights + treadmill 4×400 @ 1:51, 1:49, 1:46, 1:43 (2:30 recovery jogs) for a total of 2.5 miles. Really happy with that last 400– much faster than if I’d done it outside.
Thursday: 5 @ 9:48. Fourth running day in a row so I know it’d be slower.
Friday: OFF
Saturday: OFF – we had Codie’s 3rd birthday party at a park and it was so freaking cute! I mostly keep my kids off the blog these days but I posted a few pics on instagram.
Sunday: 7.8 @ 9:43. I’m just starting to do long(ish) runs again after stopping for a few weeks during 5k training, so my longer runs are a lot slower, but on Sunday the weather cooperated and I was able to pull off a faster finish (well, like 9:15). But my legs felt fresh and strong, like I could have kept going. (After the previous week’s long run my legs were trashed and I was exhausted for the rest of the day.)

Total: 23ish miles

#300milesofsummer update: 68.7 miles so far in June and 20 miles since the *actual* start of summer. I need to up my game if I actually want to make it to 300!

running week of 6/12

Last week was kinda rough! I was coming back from an illness, plus we traveled so I didn’t get a lot of running in and the runs I did do were lackluster. Oh, and the weather was godawful.

Monday: Weights + treadmill 2 @ 9:28
Tuesday: 4 @ 10:11. This run was supposed to be longer and faster but it was unbearably hot outside and I quit early.
Wednesday: OFF. We traveled a couple of hours north to Monticello. Indiana where there’s a small lake and water/amusement park. We stayed in a darling cottage on the water and sat on the deck every night after the kids went to bed. The amusement and water park is small, but inexpensive and close to home and the kids had a blast. Also because we went during the week, there were NO LINES.
Thursday: 4 @ 9:50. Again, hot as balls with the added fun of a hangover.
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 10 @ 10:20. Back home and another painful run in 80 degree heat and humidity. I sweat gallons and enjoyed myself very little.
Sunday: OFF

Total: 20 miles

#300milesofsummer update: 40.2 miles in June.

Race report twofer: a 5k and a 4m

We’re in that part of the year where it’s mostly gross to run outside. Not much has been going on in the way of training. I’very been hovering around 20 miles a week but my longest run has been around 7 miles so I don’t feel like I’ve made any huge improvements.

I ran a 5K June 7 for Indy Pride and it was awful so I wasn’t all eager to get over here and write about it. Here’s a list I prepared of all my excuses:

  • I had done very little speed work.
  • I was sick (I think more sick than I wanted to admit).
  • I had just started my period (AGAIN– I think I’ve had my period for three of my last four races).
  • I went out way too fast and spent the last two miles just trying not to throw up.

It was bad, you guys. I achieved my 5k PR when I was about 12 weeks pregnant (25:06) and was aiming for something with a 24: on it but ended up finishing in 26:08. Embarrassing.

Anyway, so it’s been really hot but I needed redemption from that mess of a race so I recommitted to my weightlifting and conditioning routine and maybe it’s making a difference. I’m going up in weight, feeling stronger and noticing a little more definition. Last week we had a bit of a break from the heat so I was able to do a little speedwork and some longer runs. I had initially wanted to do a hill workout once a week but it’s hard to make that work without paying for childcare or waiting until evenings (when I’ve got other shit going on) or weekends (when I’d rather do a long run). So I’ve been more consistent with the weights.

Yesterday I ran the Run 4 Freedom. I like to mention as often as possible that my 4 mile PR is 30:45. I hit that one back in 2013 and it’s actually my fastest official pace at any distance. I haven’t even come close to 7:40s since then so I was 1000% certain I wouldn’t PR, but I thought it would be nice to come in around 33-34 minutes. (I lowered my standards a bit since the catastrophe in June.)

It went a lot better than I expected! I finished in 31:52 and placed 2nd or 3rd in my age group. (The printout at the finish said 2nd place but the website later said 3rd; I have the 2nd place ribbon so whatever.) The course may have been a little short (I don’t think it was certified) but it was a small race close to home and a nice confidence builder. (Well, the photos weren’t…lol.)


Couldn’t get my fucking armband fastened.


Help me I’m dying.

And those aren’t even the worst. There’s a photo of me nearing the finish where it looks like every part of me is loose and rippling. It’s enough to almost make me never want to wear shorts again. #fattalktuesday

My next race is a half marathon in September. I’d love to race a 10k or 15k between now and then, but it’s not bloody likely. All the summer races around here are 5Ks and triathlons. I could do a quarter trail marathon in August but it’s 50 bucks and I don’t like to pay that much for just 6 miles. The half I’m signed up for was only $40! #poor

Temps are going to be back up in the fuckingkillme range again this week, so I may resort to some speed and/or hill sessions on the treadmill, but it’s better than running slow to medium-slow outside, which is about all I can handle in 80+/80% humidity.


I love you.