another week of unnoteworthy running (4/24)

I had a week!

IDK gif

Aside: I googled “unnoteworthy gif” and found this gif I used in an old post about unnoteworthy runs. MY INTERNETS HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE. Or maybe I just need to broaden my vocabulary.


Monday: Off
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:16. I ran a tempo with 4 miles in the 8:50s, which felt a lot harder than it should have.
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 6.1 @ 9:15
Friday: treadmill 3.1 @ 8:44. Usually a lifting day for me, but I didn’t feel like lifting AT ALL so I ran instead.
Saturday: off. I had a FIDO meeting all morning and it was pouring rain and storming anyway, so I pushed my run back to Sunday.
Sunday: 6.2 @ 9:11. Faster than last week’s 10k, but felt a lot harder. It was pretty windy, but I was also just feeling beat-up and tired. My breath felt short the whole time, which is rare for me, and I had a side stitch that wouldn’t go away (it’s actually still a little sore today). I still tried to pull off a fast finish (into a 20mph headwind, uuuugh), but not nearly as fast as I wanted. Last mile in 8:49, last .12 in 7:57.

Total: 21ish miles

I followed the plan/non-plan the way I wanted to but the whole week felt rough, admittedly mostly because of bad decisions on my part–staying up too late, screwing around, drinking too much. But I’m hoping at least part of that rough feeling is due to running a bit harder. Each run last week was more purposeful; I ran harder rather than just putting in a few perfunctory miles to bump up the mileage count. HOWEVER I’m going to try to take better care of myself this week and see if it makes any difference. 😉

I’m also still struggling to strike a balance between all the running I want to do and all the strength work/conditioning I NEED to do. I really like lifting three days a week, especially now that I’m actually getting stronger, but I wish I could run (and run well) on those days, and I really don’t have time to do two quality workouts out a day. (I could run a couple crappy miles on my lifting days but I’m not sure it would have much of an impact.)

And I’m looooathe to complain because I know I’m lucky to be doing as much as I am. But…there it is. I want all the benefits of weightlifting without actually having to do it. And I want to run every day.




This is how I’m wasting my free time

Sometimes I wonder whether I actually like running or whether I just like drooling over my splits afterward.


Ever since I got my first smartphone last year, I’ve been tracking my runs using the RunKeeper app in addition to my trusty five year old Garmin Forerunner 110. I use the app to track activities and I use the Garmin as an actual pacing device…and the reason for that is the app mileage always comes up short of the Garmin and the pace is always much slower. Since the Garmin pace and mileage is better, I go with that one, but the discrepancy gives me a little bit of anxiety.


Take today’s tempo run (which I did OUTSIDE, OMFG SOMEBODYPAYME). The plan called for 7 miles with 5 miles at 9:10 pace. According to the Garmin, I ran it a little fast, but on the RK app, I didn’t even make it into the 9:1Xs.


Obviously I’m erring on the side of THIS ONE.



I mean, obviously I don’t REALLY care about all of this enough to do anything about it, I’m just hoping the Garmin is the one that’s accurate. Otherwise I’m going to be really disappointed on race day when my 9:04 turns out to be a 9:23.


What absurd things give you anxiety? 

thpeedy thursday

I am still laughing at my blog post title…I better finish this quickly.

Tonight for I did (typo but it stays) a very traditional type of tempo run; mile warm-up, four miles at “tempo pace” (whatever that means; faster, I think) and a mile cool-down.

This was the first time I’ve ever succeeded at maintaining the elusive “tempo pace” throughout the entire tempo portion of the run. I’ve tried to do it before, but normally I putter out around 3.5 and end up calling it something else that makes it sound like less of a failure; “practice tempo,” or “6160 x 1 with 4400 cool-down.”

Stephen Colbert: “If at first you don’t succeed, redefine what you did as success.”

I think it’s kind of hysterical (in an I’m-losing-my-marbles kind of way) that the last time I ran six miles, I did it six seconds faster, with a hell of a lot less effort.

But I guess I gained something as-yet-intangible from this run? I’m going with yes.

Tonight I am drinking a beer that’s been burning a hole in my fridge for a good month now.

Three Floyds’ Black Sun Stout. It’s “only” 6.5% ABV/50 IBU. FFF says it’s got coffee, hops and roasted malts; I’m also getting a nice strong something-like-a-cigar flavor. It’s out of this world.

Compared to this? Guinness is Diet Dr. Pepper in a can.

You might not hear from me for a few days, but everything’s cool. I’m off work until Monday. Expect a whiny, crying blog post on Tuesday about how I had to go to work on Tuesday.