running week of 5/1 + April recap

Monday and Saturday were the only days I ran outside last week. It was pretty miserable here and I’d about had it with running in rain and 20 mph winds so I took the opportunity to do some speedier(ish? lol) runs indoors.

Monday: weights + 2 @ 9:08. I know I said I didn’t want to do any more perfunctory runs but I just really wanted to run, so I did.
Tuesday: treadmill tempo 4 @ 8:56, 8:45, 8:42, 8:34
Wednesday: weights + 4 @ 8:50. I remember nothing about this run so it must not have been that great.
Thursday: Weights + treadmill hills 5 @ 9:50. I, unwisely, added a new move to my leg routine before attempting a hill workout and my quads were pissed at me.
Friday: NADA. I was so sore all day I could barely lower myself onto the toilet seat without groaning. But I did some pretty violent rolling with The Stick Friday evening and it helped a lot.
Saturday: 7 @ 8:50. A perfect progression: 9:23, 9:12, 9:06, 8:55, 8:39, 8:33, 8:07. This run was bliss, you guys. One of those “this is why I became a runner” runs.
Sunday: NADA

Total miles: 22

~*April miles*~

Total miles: 107– 26 more than last month.

Days running: 19

Longest run: 11 miles on 4/15, shortly after which I decided that double-digit runs aren’t doing jack for my 5k training, so I stopped doing them.

Runs on the treadmill: Four, and three of them were last week!

Races: None.

Group runs: One – an overzealous “tax day” run organized by my local running store, which made 12 for the day and led to some wacky groin pain.

Best run: I was exuberant after my 7 mile run Saturday. I felt strong and finished fast.

Worst run: Last Sunday’s 6. I was tired and couldn’t catch my breath and none of it was fun.

Oh…and I signed up for another marathon, I KNOW RIGHT? LOL LOL LOL. It’s March 31, 2018 and it was only $31, so why not!


the week in running and beer (hooray!)

So I ran 14 miles last week (um, TOTAL), which is kind of a big deal for me.

brent dances

I’d like to start posting weekly reports on my running again, as long as I feel there’s anything even remotely noteworthy about it. I really like the Will Run For Beer format of number of miles run/number and type of beers consumed so I might try something like that for a while. Except my output probably won’t be nearly as consistent or impressive as hers, in terms of the miles or the beers. But, mediocrity: hey, it’s worked so far!


I’ve been doing a lot of miles on the treadmill, which is helping me get comfortable with running hard again without actually having to work as hard.

I’ve been doing my favorite bastardized version of an interval workout I stole from Runner’s World eons ago: a set of 5-4-3-2-1, starting at a comfortable pace and gradually increasing in speed until I’m running hard for the last minute. Then I take a quick walk/water break and do it again. And if I feel like it, a nice, slow cool-down mile. (But the cool-down is nonessential because whatever.)

I did that on Monday (3 miles) and again on Tuesday (4 miles), lifted weights on Wednesday, again on the treadmill Thursday (4 miles), took Friday off, ran outside on Saturday (3 miles) and took Sunday off.

I’m still in the 10:XX range on these runs (so I guess that 30:20 5K I ran last month was an anomaly) and unfortunately, my no-pants November challenge doesn’t appear to be doing me any favors in the lose-that-baby-weight-so-you-can-run-fast-again department. I’m learning that a forgiving waistline offers a false sense of fitness. But I’ll get there.


Codie’s sleep routine has become fairly predictable, except when it’s not (which is pretty much any time I tell someone her sleep routine has become predictable). But I can generally count on her to go at least five or six hours for the first stretch of the evening, from 7:30 until midnight or 1 a.m., which means I can have a beer after she goes to bed! That evening beer probably makes me a lot happier than it should.

I skipped autumn this year and dove straight into the dark wintry brews. Last week I enjoyed a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout and an Anchor Porter. (Did I mention I have a smartphone now? You can be my friend on Untappd!)

I feel like I’m out of the loop and don’t know jack shit about beer anymore so if there’s anything I absolutely need to try (that’s available out here in the sticks), let me know.

Upcoming: my annual turkey trot. I won’t be in PR shape by then but I can’t pass up a race that starts half a mile from my doorstep. I’ll be happy if I can come in close to 29 minutes.

Number of miles run: 14 (But I can do better! I hope to be doing 20-25 miles a week by the spring.)

Number of beers consumed: 2 (Ditto here.)