running week of 5/15

EDITOR’S NOTE: I need to not write these things when I’m drinking. I forgot about Wednesday night’s run and added it in later. 😛

One of the ways I usually fuck up races is by running too hard during race week. Basically I think I’m stronger than I actually am. Last week, I did try to rest up while still satisfying my need to run and work out a lot.

Monday: 4 @ 9:35. Usually a weights day but I really felt like running and also thought it made sense to cram in the running early in the week for race purposes.
Tuesday: I did sort of a mini tempo: warm-up, 2 miles at 8:57 and 8:38, cool-down for a total of 4. I wanted to do one more meaningful training run, more for confidence than anything else.
Wednesday: AM Weights – mostly arms and back, I really tried to stay away from any leg stuff because I’ve had this lingering quad thing going on and didn’t want to exacerbate it. PM 4.8 @ 9:11 running store group run. I have a hard time not trying to keep up with the fastest runners at these things but this time I hung back and ran at a comfortable pace. I also got to try out the new Saucony Freedoms, which I ADORED until I saw the price ($160!!). 
Thursday: Weights (just my floor exercises and some stretching) + 2 @ 9:40 
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Rainbow Run 5k

Sunday: OFF

Total: 18ish miles

That’s it! And my next race isn’t until August 19 so there’s probably a LOT more mediocre running to come!