Rainbow Run 5k 2017


First of all, I’m doing a Facebook fundraiser for Indiana Youth Group until June 3. IYG provides safe places and confidential environments where self-identified LGBTQ kids are empowered through programs, support services, social and leadership opportunities and community service. Only one person has donated (embarrassing!) so go over and give them a few bucks if you’re able! Thank you.

I ran the Indy Pride 5k Saturday morning and finished in 24:47, 48/221 overall. Gender-division rankings aren’t indicated in the results, presumably because for this event, entrants were not required to choose a gender. However I counted all the non-male 35-40 year olds ahead of me and there were just three. 🙂

So I’ll get the whiny stuff out of the way first and then I’ll get to the rest of the race report. I’ve been trying to PR at the 5K for A LONG TIME. If by chance, you’ve never read my complaints about it, I used to be a bit faster than I am now and that bothers me probably more than it should. I ran my previous 5k PR (25:06) in 2013 when I was three months pregnant, so you’d think it’d be easy not pregnant to beat that time, but no. I’ve been trying for almost four years. Sad!

So forgive me if I sound ungracious, but even though I technically PRed Saturday (and that’s a *BIG* technical since I don’t think the course was certified) I’m still a little disgruntled because in my mind I still think it’s possible for me to run something closer to a 7:40 pace for this distance. Please don’t tell me I’ve reached that age where I’ll never be as fast as I once was. No.

So yeah.

When I ran this race last year (26:08) it was muggy and about 20 degrees warmer, I was tired, I was sick, I hadn’t slept well and I had just started my period. Everything about it sucked. I went out too fast and fell apart HARD in the last mile (okay, in the second mile) and I was pissed off about it for days. 

This year I had some things working in my favor: 55 degrees and overcast, TWO consecutive nights of good sleep, and no period. Oh, and training. I actually trained for this one.

I ran to the start just seconds before the gun (gun = somebody shouting “GO!”) after standing in the porta-potty line for about 10 minutes. There was no timing mat at the start and my Garmin wasn’t showing an accurate pace in the first mile so I anxiously ran faster than I might have otherwise. Mile 1 – 8:06

I found my rhythm and settled into a pace that I thought (THOUGHT lol) felt hard but doable. The plan was to run about 8:00 for mile 2 and maybe 7:45 for the last mile. Mile 2 – 7:58

Yeaaaah, that 8:00 pace started feeling pretty brutal. I had a mild side stitch and felt like I was concentrating way too hard on not tripping over the potholes and cracks in the road. And as soon as I thought about tripping, I actually did sort of stumble. I was ready to finish doing the thing. Mile 3 – 8:06

There’s the finish line! There it is! Seeing it gave me a final burst of energy (thank you, fast finish training runs?) and I hauled ass down the final stretch. Last .1 – 7:36.

Behold, consistent mediocrity.

And then I immediately began second-guessing that third mile and wondering if I could have worked a little harder. It would have been really nice to see a 7:54 right there.

And since there are no photos posted yet, here is a picture from last year’s race in which you can just see the top of my hat! 

I’m behind that good looking guy in the headband.

QUESTION: Do you still count a PR on a non-certified course? I’m just a hobby jogger, so I don’t mind counting it, but if I were more competitive (or if the distance seemed wildly short) I probably wouldn’t.