After reading a particularly encouraging post from our friendly neighborhood Vegan, I just wanna lay down and die, unfortunately there’s too much going on…

I get to meet my nice new friend the podiatrist today at 4:00. Pretty excited about that. My foot isn’t hurting so bad today. Still tender, but not the agony it was yesterday. I’m thankful a lot of our house is carpeted. Even though I think tile is much prettier, if I had to walk around on it all the time I’d probably die.

This weekend we’re galavanting off to the wonderful world of Clinton, Missouri (population: doesn’t matter), to see the hubby’s grandma and paw-paw and cousins.

It is probably the world’s most boring drive (the drive between Lubbock, TX and Albuquerque, NM notwithstanding), but I do love a good road trip. Gives me the opportunity to load up on car snacks, annihilate 30 books in one weekend and take advantage of 16 hours of satellite radio. Luckily hubby and I like the same stuff so we never fight over tunes.

You are probably on the edge of your seats to see photos of the great grill massacre of evening last.

It kiiiiilled!

Chicken marinated in a tomato-basil somethingorother, Nathan’s hot dogs, chips and guac, grilled asparagus and GIANT portobellos stuffed with olive oil, sun-dried-tomato-basil-feta and rosemary.

Let’s take a closer look at those ‘shrooms, shall we?

So juicy.

And my guacamole is also worthy of intense scrutiny. I packed in a whole handful of cilantro from the garden, and the avacados were perfect. Like buttah.

No, we did not eat all that food between the two of us. There’s a ton left so if anyone wants to stop by for leftovers, be my guest.

Last, I don’t know why I chose that blog title. That old Simpsons episode, circa 1990, popped in my head this morning — the one where Lisa takes on Poe via James Earl Jones. Good times.


6 thoughts on ““neverMORE!”

  1. Don’t forget to swing by Tightwad: Population 50 while you are out that way! Hope the Doc comes up with a solution for the foot.

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