running week of 3/20

Last week I added some new moves to my lifting routine and was sore all weekend. I read this article in a sponsored post by Runner’s World about doing burpees, and even though the article was a little silly, it made me want to do burpees. (Realization: burpees are hard.) I also did some additional squats and jumps (see “LEG DAY” below) so my long run Saturday ended up being a shorter run.

Monday: weights (mostly upper body) + treadmill 4 @ 8:37. I did 6×400 (best split: 1.48; worst: 1:54)
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:06. My splits were kinda fun: 9:37, 9:15, 9:15, 8:56, 8:56, 8:37. (But I was trying to run as a progression so…)
Wednesday: weights (mostly lower). I’d planned a PM run but scrapped it at the last minute.
Thursday: 6 @ 8:56
Friday: weights (LEG DAY) + 30 burpees + treadmill 2 @ 8:50
Saturday: 8.7 @ 9:33. I was sore and tired from the week so this ended up being a more leisurely run than usual. I stopped to talk to a friend, stopped to use the bathroom. I’d planned on running 10 but ran out of time before swim lessons (again) and I was perfectly content with stopping early.
Sunday: 30 burpees

TOTAL: 26ish

We’re leaving town Thursday for just two nights, and we’re cramming in a lot of stuff in just a couple of days (mostly driving) so I probably won’t run while we’re gone.

That’s it!

Running week of 3/13

Last week was a “rebuilding” week after taking eight days off due to illness. I felt a little rusty and only ran ~22 miles but I’m pretty much back to my 100% this week (emphasis on my).

Monday: weights + treadmill 2 @ 8:54. Groggy AF.
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:09. I ran watchless (but tracked on runkeeper) as a sort of fitness test and was pleased to find I could still run.
Wednesday: AM weights + PM 4.8 @ 8:42. I ran down to our local Runner’s Forum from my house for a group run/homebrew tutorial/Brooks shoe demo. I ran in the Brooks Launch and they were okay but Definitely Not Kinvaras. I had an Irish stout, a green cupcake and a slice of pizza. I also got a fun copper mug from Brooks and a Great Fermentations pint glass I won in a raffle! Aaaand then I had to run home carrying them in my hands like some kind of super ambitious lush. (8:56 average :P)
Thursday: Unplanned rest day. I hosted a playdate at my house that involved nine toddlers and a lot of buttercream frosting and I never got around to running.
Friday: weights + 3 @ 9:05.
Saturday: 5.8 @ 8:47. I wanted to run longer Saturday but I ran out of time before the kids’ swim lessons so I just ran faster. Really proud of these splits: 9:23, 9:04, 8:51, 8:44, 8:30, 8:01.
Sunday: REST

I kinda feel like I should apologize/acknowledge that my running log of pitiful ~6 milers is the boringest ass blog ever but I’m not smart enough to offer any technical insight and I’m having trouble coming up with anything even remotely funny or profound so what I end up doing is just logging miles. I did however, do 6x400s today and I am also culling together a race schedule for the rest of the year that includes a few goal races and a few fun runs:

  • 10 miler: April 8 (Just because it’s cheap and I want to do a race.)*
  • Pride 5k: May 20*
  • Noblesville 10k: May 27 (I haven’t done a 10k since 2013 and I have almost no chance for a PR but I want to see if I can come close.)
  • Monumental Mile: June 1 (This is a big maybe. I don’t want to spent 20+ bucks to crappily race a mile a few days after racing a 10k.)
  • Zionsville Half: June 11 (Only 40 bucks!)
  • Hops ‘n’ Flip Flops 5k: August 19 (Mostly a beer thing.)
  • Indy Half: Oct 7 (In which I will try not to race.)*
  • Monumental Half: Nov 4 (GOAL RACE)*

*I’ve actually registered for these. 😛

So for those who like to read race reports from average runners, your content is forthcoming.

subversive shit I did last week (3/5)

Hi again. It was another week of mostly goddamnitwhatthefuck, but I’m plugging away. I read some good stuff on International Women’s Day and planned to write a whole blog post about it but since I suck at blogging, I never got around to it. I included some links in this post though.

Who I supported

Who I contacted

  • I contacted my reps to oppose The REINS Act. This is the one that has the potential to bring the regulatory process to a screeching halt. It “radically repositions Congress, the most political branch of government, as the place to make the ultimate decisions that involve detailed technical matters.”
  • Locally, this Crown Hill deforestation shit came to a head. Construction had started and things appeared pretty bleak, but a 25th hour letter from Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett seemed promising. I contacted the VA director, David Shulkin and asked him to listen to the mayor and consider an alternative location that would not require destroying the inner city’s last virgin forest, and I contacted Indiana’s (D) senator and asked him to do as the mayor has done and speak up on behalf on Crown Hill Forest. THEN, civil disobedience success! People put their bodies in front of the trees! I wish I had been there. I know we shouldn’t get too excited, but it appears the VA is at least open to a dialogue with the public. It’s a relief to feel my actions perhaps made an impact.
  • I contacted my Indiana reps to oppose a state pre-k funding bill. What? I’ll explain. This legislation proposes expansion of a pre-k pilot program, which sounds great and I would be a huge supporter of free, public preschool, but there’s some voucher language tied into it that I don’t like. From an article in one of our weekly papers: “Indiana needs to expand pre-school but not with an expensive link to guarantee K-12 private school vouchers,” Smith [Rep. Vernon Smith, D-Gary] said. “Any pre-K student, including public pre-K students, get a voucher for life. This would be the biggest expansion of voucher eligibility since 2013.” And that sets off all kinds of red flags in my head.
  • I contacted my reps to oppose the AHCA, because obviously. If you’re on Obamacare, consider telling the White House about your experiences. They’re looking for negative stories, so let’s make sure they also hear from all the people the ACA has helped.

What I read

And some special stuff for International Women’s Day

What I did

I was sick last week so I mostly sat around the house feeling sorry for myself.


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running week of 3/6 (spoiler: 0 miles!)

Well, this won’t take long: I ran 0 miles and did 0 workouts last week. I was sick for the better part of the week and then decided to go ahead and blow off the weekend too.

So I picked the worst possible day to get my shit together and start up again. I had the time change, the previous week off AND my period working against me; a trifecta of fuckery. I’d pay so much money (if I had any) to be able to crawl back in bed right now.

subversive shit I did last week (2/26)

Yeah, so I feel like crap today and like half a dozen of my Facebook friends have shared that Facebook post with a laundry list of horrible proposed legislation and every time I see it, I feel overwhelmed and anxious. But I’m continuing to do a few little things each week and trying not to let the inhumanity of this administration crush me.

Who I supported. I haven’t made any donations since my last post, but I’m trying whenever I can to support local small businesses, especially those that align with my values, like Black Acre Brewing. Not like I need an excuse to drink good beer.

Who I contacted

  • I called my reps and asked them to save the Affordable Care Act by opposing any attempts to block Medicaid expansion. It would be extremely costly, not to mention the potential for dropping many vulnerable people from the program. (I did this before the GOP replacement bill was announced which maintains Medicaid expansion for now.)
  • I called my reps to oppose Indiana SB 423, which would allow the state to withhold funding from colleges and universities that established ‘sanctuary’ protections for undocumented immigrants. Public colleges and universities have the responsibility to protect the privacy of their students and ensure their well-being.
  • I called my local sheriff’s office and asked them to oppose DJT’s anti-immigration policies. Mass deportations are stripping people of due process and privacy protections and tearing families apart. Last week an undocumented woman from El Salvador who was seeking treatment for a brain tumor was removed from a hospital and placed in federal detention. If you’re okay with this, you’re pretty much a monster.
  • I called my reps to oppose HB 610, the Choices in Education Act of 2017. I had trouble finding details about this one that weren’t just Facebook copypasta, but when I read the complete bill I found that it does indeed repeal the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (reauthorized as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and again as the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015) which aims to provide each child with fair and equal opportunities to achieve an exceptional education; it allows for the distribution of block grants for schools (read: school vouchers) without establishing any criteria for homeschooling, any standards for schools or any guidelines for measuring progress; and it abolishes the rule in the National School Lunch Program that calls for alignment with the Dietary Guidelines for America. 

What I read

What I did

Well, nothing, and all this rep-calling and bill-reading has left me feeling angry and tired. (Also I’m sick and the kids are sick and I feel like I’m down to my very last fuck.) My goal for the next few weeks is to find some local meetings to attend and some good subversive books to read. (Suggestions appreciated!)

A couple of positives

Read all of my subversive shit posts.

running week of 2/27

I don’t know how I ever, or how anyone with a job and/or kids manages to run more than 30 miles a week. If you do this and you somehow also find time to work and read books and write interesting blog posts and know things about news and politics and also be a good partner and parent and maybe see friends now and then, please teach me. Oh, and I don’t like waking up at 4 a.m.

Here’s another training update, but if you read last week’s you can probably just skip this one because it’s almost exactly the same.

Monday: weights + 4 @ 9:13. This felt like overdoing it for me. There’s a reason I don’t ordinarily run on Mondays. But I wasn’t sure how my Tuesday was going to work out (babysitting a friend’s kids) so I wanted to get in a preemptive run just in case. (Did end up being able to run Tuesday evening!)
Tuesday: 6 @ 8:42. I started out feeling like I was gonna have a shitty run, but ended up feeling alright toward the end. I did struggle in mile 6 to keep the same pace as mile 5.
Wednesday: weights
Thursday: 6 @ 8:34. 9:07, 8:49, 8:36, 8:25, 8:19, 8:07! I typically know whether or not it’s going to be a good day by the end of the first mile. When I checked my pace at mile 1 and saw 9:1Xs instead of 9:5Xs, I was elated.
Friday: weights + TM 2 @ 18:16
Saturday: 12 @ 9:32. I hit a rough patch at mile 8ish because I waited too long to take my gel (had to get to a water fountain), but I was pretty pleased with the effort, especially considering it was miserably cold and windy.
Sunday: REST
Total 30

So yeah. I feel like I’m strong enough to start doing some longer runs (or double run days) during the week and work toward getting my mileage into the low to mid 30s but I’m not willing to make the necessary adjustments by waking up earlier or run during dinner so for now I’m just complaining about it. Cool huh?

privilege check

February recap

I ran 114.3 miles last month – my best February on record and a monthly high I haven’t achieved since October 2015 when I was marathon training.

Days of running: 21

Longest run: 11 miles

Runs on the treadmill: ZERO!

Races: Again zero. My remarks on this last month: “Hoping this will also change for February!” Yeah, nope. I’ve been picky about where I put my money but now I’m itching to race.

Group runs: One. I ran with my friend’s running group in a neighboring town. There’s really not a group close enough to home that runs at the pace or time of day I want.

Best run: Wednesday 2/22 prog

Worst: That 11, probs. It was really cold and windy and I felt really sore for the rest of the day.