every once in a while I have good judgment

It was a busy, busy weekend, folks. Blogging kind of got shuffled.

But to quote Slater from Dazed and Confused, “It’s the quality, not the quantity, man.”

Another area of my life where I can apply this logic is running: Last week, I was having some annoying pain in my knees and shins, and I remarked that I was being stubborn and pissy about it. Sometimes that demonstrates discipline and determination; sometimes it just means you’re dumb.

So Saturday, in an uncharacteristic display of good judgment, I took the day off. The payoff was a fantastic (albeit muddy) hour-long trail run on Sunday.

After that, the REAL important stuff: coffee and pomegranate booze with breakfast:

The old military order of allegiance is supposedly, “unit, corps, God, country;” I think my personal order of allegiance is “family, coffee, booze, sleep.”

What is your order of allegiance?


6 thoughts on “every once in a while I have good judgment

  1. Wow family before coffee? In my family that’s not such a good idea…you definitely want to have and them to have had the coffee before anything happens.

    My order is something like “Pasta, Coffee, Family, Booze, Sleeping…………………………Running.”

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