2014 according to my blog

So when you blog, it’s really important not to let opportunities for page views go unfulfilled, and there’s this big thing at the end of the year about writing the most unique, inspirational blog post reflecting on the year. Shit you accomplished. Resolutions. cute pictures of you doing interesting things. So here’s my version of that, except I’m too lazy to actually reflect so I just threw up a bunch of links to shit I blogged about. ENJOY.


In January, I had trouble finding a good pair of maternity leggings.


In February, I ate a lot of pop-tarts and it was cold outside.

pop tart factory

In March, I saw Steve Earle in concert and “ran” a 5k. Baked cookies and ate frosting straight out of the can.

5k race

In April, I planted stuff in the garden and had problems with one of my cats pissing on the carpet, and also DGAF.

You can't see me when I'm in my hidey.

In May, I got a smartphone!


In June, I complained a lot and then I had a baby.

2014-06-24 09.27.25

July. I hardly remember July at all. I didn’t sleep much and my nipples were very tender but I was happy.

#mommymartyr #getajob

In August, I sweat a lot and went on my first postpartum run.

stock runner photo

In September, another sleep strike happened and I complained about it.


In October, I took the kids to like, 70 different pumpkin patches, ran another 5k and we flew to Albuquerque.

okay, just one regurgitated instagram photo

In November, I ran a Thanksgiving 5k and didn’t wear pants all month.

stupid sexy flanders

In December, I started tracking my weekly workouts and beer intake and my toddler turned 3 and got a bike for Christmas. (Codie got teeth).

in our christmas pjs

Total mileage in 2014: 319ish. 

Here’s to an equally inspirational 2015!


9 thoughts on “2014 according to my blog

  1. Your first paragraph is just so spot on. I’m over here taking notes. You’ve thoroughly inspired me to post several times on meaningless topics. #goodblogger #soinspired

    Today I need to whip out that reflective post…especially since I blew off the holiday gift guide 😦 And tomorrow I’ll do my award-winner post. And then remember we need to do our GOALS FOR THE YEAR post!!!!!!!!

    I may have been more excited that you got a smartphone than you were. Happy New Year! If it wants to be an equally awesome year, 2015 is going to have to really work it to top Codie 🙂

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