raindrops on roses and bunions and black toes…

Okay, so its time to go for broke and put my ugly feet out there on the internet for all to see:

I know running is a challenge for anyone, but for me, it has always seemed just a little bit tougher, what with the elbows jutting out of the side of my feet and all.

A few years ago, a friend came over to my house, during the summer time. I answered the door with no shoes on, and she immediately gapes at my feet and goes, “oh my GOD you didn’t tell me you had bunions! Look! I have bunions too!”

If I hadn’t already been spoken for, I could have married her.

At that moment, bunions went from being some shameful thing to some proud badge of courage to brag about – almost like beating cancer, but…dorkier.

I am not asking for sympathy here; nay, I’m demanding your adoration – YOU don’t have elbows sticking out of your feet, so what do you know about pain?

…But I still don’t know what to think about that second little toe. It hurt like all hell for a week or two, and I thought I was going to have to bid farewell to that little sucker; my second-favorite toenail…and then, the pain went away but the toenail didn’t. What a rip.

It is still nasty and discolored but apparently the second little piggy has taken a liking to me and is hanging on for dear life!

Fall off, or stop being purple!!


2 thoughts on “raindrops on roses and bunions and black toes…

  1. I think I developed one over the past year or so, and I hate it.

    That said, my feet look quite similar. Except my second toe is far blacker…on both feet. The only plus to winter is its much easier to hide the damn things ;p

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